beach bound...

tomorrow morning, at 7am, my sister and i will be bound for the beautiful Hilton Head Island to meet up with my mom, little sis, and grandmother for a few days!  this is the first time ever that it will be just us girls! so exciting!... and BONUS >> a nice little break for momma before baby #2 comes along.
while i'm away, our boy will be left in the big, strong, capable hands of his daddy.
Justin's really looking forward to some good ole QT with the little man.
i am too.  not only will this time be super special for them, but Justin will get a little taste of mommyhood.  i know he's perfectly aware that i don't sit around the house doing nothing all day.  in fact, it's amazing how often he thanks me for what i do as a wife and mother.  it's just, the only full days we have together are the weekends and they're always a bit different from the 'norm'.  just in case he has any questions, i've made some notes on a piece of paper titled 'a day in the life'... detailing our daily routine around here 'til daddy gets home from work.  
my guess is he'll refuse to look at it, insisting he's got it all under control and can figure any questions he's got out on his own, but like i said... just in case.

Asa's got a whole lot more of this to look forward to over the next few days...

granted, he's not smiling in any of these, but don't be fooled... he was having the time of his life.  the joy just seems to disappear the minute he's aware of the camera. hmph.

i'm gonna miss these boys somethin' CRAZY!

i'll be back Wednesday with all the juicy details on my little beach getaway... and perhaps, if you're lucky, a few shots of this sexy 34 week prego belly in a swimsuit! 
and no rockin' of the bikini will be happening... a tankini suits me just fine, thanks.

'til then, i'm off to finish Bellamy's mobile and pack!
night loves!

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