a picture of Christmas...

this past weekend was pretty close to perfect for so many reasons.
J took a half day on Friday and from then on, what joys were in store!

the rest of Friday was spent baking, walking, driving through Christmas lights, and that evening while cuddling our littles, truly reflecting on how deep the Father's love for us is.
{Emmanuel, born to breathe life into this dark heart of mine.  my heart. me.  he chose me. wow. seriously thankful.}

Saturday morning made way for a big delicious breakfast and some cookie decoratin'.
after naps, we were off to the Branch Church Christmas Eve {afternoon} service.
then to Justin's dad's to exchange gifts before the whole Blackwelder fam headed to Grammy's for Christmas Eve dinner.
we said our goodbyes and headed home to partake in some family tradition...
Christmas Eve pajamas and "It's a wonderful life"... we only made it through the first half before snoozing.

Christmas Day!
hubs and i woke early to cook another big breakfast and do Christmas with eachother before the kids woke up.  it was really nice.
of course, Bellamy's first Christmas is a special thing, but Asa was SO much fun to watch this year with his presents.  his "big" gift was a tent... a huge grin stretched across his handsome little face as he stepped down the stairs and ran over to crawl right in, once inside he immediately launched into his trademark goofy excited little jig... i'll take that as a thank you.  {a phrase we've been working on for months now and he still refuses to say it.  i know he can.}

after Belle's morning nap, we headed over to my parents for Christmas day festivities.
J and i wrapped things up that evening with the second half of our movie ;)

Christmas morning!

 Merry Christmas to all!


flashback friday...

welcome to the world sweet Bellamy Reese!
we couldn't have imagined the joy you brought with you!

sugar cookie dough is chillin' in the fridge just waiting to be baked!
i can hardly wait to see how stylin Asa's snowmen cookies will be when he's through with them!
Happy Christmas Eve Eve!