odds & ends...

to me, a house is not a home without the odds and ends.
the tiny personal touches and special details.
so, here's a look at the bits & pieces that are making our house a home lately...

Asa's newly restored wooden train set... he tells the most precious stories with this little engine as he chugs it along the table's edge every day.

finally!  a home for our towels in the master bath.  found this beauty at the Metrolina last week!

i've cuddled up in this, my favorite vintage afghan, on quite a few of these chilly nights...

finally filled some empty frames with pics of our precious little munchkins

um, don't ask me how much of this i've put away over the past couple weeks. too much.

last year's homemade autumn wreath adorning the front door again.

happy to keep the halloween pumpkins around through Thanksgiving... here's to hoping they last!

happy weekend!