i've got a prince of my own...

thought i'd join in on the trend, so...
in honor of the royal wedding, here's a couple shots from our day
May 21, 2005... best decision i've ever made!

6 years and (almost) 2 beautiful babies later and i couldn't love this man more.

we've grown so much, with a whole lot of it left to do.
and marriage ain't easy, folks, but what a fantastic blessing to walk this road with
my very best friend (who just happens to be one major hunk of a man)!

i'm lovin' that everyone's in the spirit to reminisce about their own wedding days...

Happy Royal Wedding Day!


Wishful Wednesday...

the free moments i've had sprinkled throughout this day have been Etsy moments.
here are just a few of my baby Bellamy wishes...

this precious 8x10 print would go just perfectly in her nursery

Alice in Wonderland ~ The White Rabbit bookend pillows

oh, there are no words.

tell me this isn't the sweetest thing since tootsie rolls!

love these monogrammed bloomers

a sweet traditional little crocheted bonnet is a must 

booties handmade in the prettiest vintage fabric

and, of course, mary jane crocheted booties

this boppy cover just happens to be cuter than ALL the ones at Babies R Us,
but i don't absolutely HAVE to have it.

i'm pretty sure EVERYONE knows about Etsy by now... the site for all things beautiful, handmade, and vintage alike.  if this is news to you, go check it out NOW!


everything at once...

my original plan was to post on our New York trip (which was fabulous!), but i'm just not feeling up to going into all the wonderful details at the moment.

right now, i feel...

because this life i've got is so blessed!
i just got back from the Big Apple with my amazing honey.
we have a beautiful, healthy boy and a baby girl on the way.
we love our home sweet home in downtown Concord.
and we're surrounded by such love from family and friends.

because the birth of this baby girl is just around the corner...
will i have enough love to go around?
how long will i be sleep deprived?
will Asa be a sweet big brother?

because Justin was at work ALL day today... he just walked in.
(it's one thing when i expect this, but another when i think he'll be home by dinner.)
i still haven't unpacked from the trip.  maybe tomorrow.
i don't sleep well when i'm pregnant... half discomfort. half weird dreams.
and, we've got to GET TO WORK on finishing that nursery!

for a Saviour that loves me... unconditionally.

i layed Asa down in his crib tonight, sang to him "la la lu", and watched his eyes get heavy while he rubbed his cheeks with the satin edge of his blankie.
as i walked away, all these emotions collided and i just started to weep.
i went into my room and watched him on the monitor while the tears flowed.
we walked a road of heartache before our Heavenly Father brought us to this place of joy.
Asa's was a long-awaited arrival and now to have another healthy baby on the way... gosh, our thanks is just bubbling over!

i know everyone has a wide range of feelings on any given day, but i don't think anyone is as capable of experiencing so many emotions at once as a woman... in particular, a mama.
and let's not forget, i'm 29 weeks PREGNANT.

p.s. are there any other second-time mamas out there who had the same thoughts as i have in regards to having enough love to go around??  i mean, it sounds silly doesn't it?  or does it?

NYC details to come!


pretty days in review...

hello again!  these past few days have been just beautiful, haven't they?!
here's what we've been up to...

Asa and his dad got haircuts together by our close friend and wonderful stylist, Sabrina.
we had a couple surprise visits...
one from my sweet friend, Jennifer, who just happens to have the same due date as me and we're both having girls! so fun!
and then my sis-in-law stopped by to drop off the cutest denim cut-off shorts for Ace and have a little chat time.
the end of the day included a sitter for the baby boy and Justin and me heading out for a night on the town... Amelie's and Battle of the Bands!  We were out to support our good friend's band, Fire!Fire!  

enjoyed a cereal breakfast and some QT with my boys... we were savin' the fancy stuff (i.e. cinnamon rolls, bacon & eggs) for our Sunday morning!
after laying little man down for his am nap, got some cleaning done and settled in for a little r&r while the hubs worked on baby Belle's nursery... it's coming along just beautifully, by the way.
one of my dearest friends from college, Sarah, was set to arrive by the time Asa was waking.
so excited!
she was right on time!
we all ate lunch together and she and i headed out for some girl time while Justin kept the babe.
feelin' adventurous, we finished the evening off with bright blue and hot pink pedis!
aaahh... just what the doctor ordered... for miss prego over here, especially!
oh, and i can't forget the (almost) best part... we got to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (for the first time) on demand that night... so good!  what's taken us so long?!
being normal.
Ace and 'Aunt' Sarah watching some Little Bear

the Sabbath.  after hearing an awesome message (Pastor D spoke on freedom in Jesus and moving FORWARD in your daily walk), we went to lunch at Foster's Grille with Justin's family and came hope to rest it up for the afternoon.
then a beautiful walk and some spaghetti and fruit salad for din din... sounds about right!

Sarah's last day :(
we played outside, made a Target run, and headed to my parents house for dinner on the deck... scrumdidliumptious.

that morning, Sarah played with Ace and afforded me the grand luxury of a long shower (complete with shaving!).
then, we had breakfast together, played with little man, and said our goodbyes with a few pics before Asa's am nap.
btw, he slept for a whopping 2 hours and 40 mins!!! i could hardly believe it... and, he woke up in the most wonderful mood... i would have too!
his daddy came home for a quick lunch and then we were headed off to spend the afternoon with my beautiful friend, Kristy, and her precious boy, Colt.
then home for the afternoon nap and homemade pizza for dinner.
we also gave Asa his Easter Basket last night.
without realizing, i scheduled our trip to NYC over Easter weekend!
at first i was devastated, but since the hotel and airfare are non-refundable, we're gonna make the best of it!
Asa will be in good company with Granny and Grandpa for the day... and no doubt he'll eat VERY well for his Easter dinner.
i figure, if i have to miss that time with my boy, i'd much rather it be while he's young, doesn't understand what it's about, and probably won't realize i'm gone.

the basket came complete with toy cars/trucks, twistable crayons (so he can't eat them), his first utensils, new pj's, and a Curious George dvd... he loved it!

and now, it's off to frantically continue preparing for our trip... we leave in the early morning.
i'm nervous and excited.
Big Apple, here we come!



i've missed out on some LaLaLu time these past few days, mostly due to the fact that one of my very best friends, Sarah, is in town for a long weekend!
she got here yesterday and is staying 'til Tuesday... very exciting!  
a good part of yesterday was spent consignment shopping, registering for baby Belle, and getting pedicures while Justin kept Asa... what luxury!

no one could have asked for a more GORGEOUS weekend!
hope yours has been just wonderful!
expect some sweet pics in the very near future!

meanwhile, i'm already in my pj's and ready to wind down for the evening... mm hmm.


'Bringing up Boys'...

Asa challenges me so much as a mother.
I think this is a really good thing, although some days i might not seem to.
if you're mama to a sweet little guy, i'm sure you've heard at some time or another "oh, he's just being a boy"
while i can sometimes see the truth in that, i've also realized that boys can be SO different from one another... also, i feel sure baby Belle will be playing in the dirt, eating mulch, and bouncing balls right along with her brother... and she'll still be our little lady.
i'm not referring to playtime anyhow.
lately, my boy has been pushing ALL his limits... and this does not come without discipline. 
when we're having a particularly difficult day, i might mention it to a friend or family member and the response i normally get is "he's just being a boy."
this is just a bit discouraging... i need more than that!  
so, my wonderful mother {who didn't do too shabby herself, bringing up 5 kiddos} lent me these beauties

'Bringing up Boys' by Dr. James Dobson
'Shepherding a Child's Heart' by Tedd Tripp

I can't wait to crack them open!  I know a certain amount of raising children comes from within... after prayer, you've got your natural maternal instincts and the wisdom and discernment you gain with each passing day.  but, there's something to be said for seeking guidance from someone who's 'been there' and published a book about it. ha!
i'll be sure to keep you updated on all the breakthroughs!

also, let me say that Asa makes me smile thousands of times a day and i love that kid more every second!  he's a hilarious, babblin', cuddlin', mama-kissin', smart little sucker and i wouldn't have him any other way! raising a stubborn, strong-willed, spitfire of a boy can most certainly add up to having a God fearing young man of integrity, compassion, and ambition.
my husband is living proof of this... if Asa turns out anything like his dad, i'll be one proud mama! 

in other news...

my shaggy little man is getting a trim today!  we really want his hair to be long(ish), so she'll just take a little :)


Wishful Wednesday...

our little home has been a work in progress since we moved in 4 years ago...
and that's just the way we like it!
and while it's pretty well furnished, i love changin' things up a bit from time to time.
we've made some BIG improvements in the past few months so, aside from baby Belle's room, i'll be sticking to the small stuff for the next little while.

here are some of the ornaments i've got my eye on for dressin' up the nest...

 hoping to start collecting large antique glass bottles to arrange above our bookshelves...
and loving the colors of these!

will continue collecting antique books... care, at least a little, about their content.

our version of this beautiful Tahitian Vine tablecloth from Anthropologie is sun-drenched and faded... replace it with a brand new, vibrant version... yes!

throw a couple of these beauties from UO on our new sofa

hoping to build our collection of original art... would love to find some really amazing local pieces!

this little list should keep me busy for a while... 
i love adding the details to our home that make it our own.
i think we make a connection with every piece, no matter how small.


a quick hello...

i've been very needlessly and at the same time very necessarily emotional the past couple days.
so, while life's been busy and there's plenty of updates, i'll just leave you with this little tidbit...

now, i'm off to throw on some pj's, kick up my feet, and chow down on some Lindy's Watermelon italian ice, while watching this goodness!

you should too! 


there've been brighter days...

while the weather today is stinkin' beautiful(!), a few dampers have been thrown my way.
i try not to be much of a complainer, really i do.
but, anyway, here goes...
it all started last night, with contractions. slightly painful ones. yes.
i had braxton hicks with Asa, but it just involved the tightening of my belly and no real discomfort.  i wasn't too worried, since i could still feel baby girl movin' and shakin' and i was fairly positive this wasn't IT!  just knew i needed some extra fluids and rest.
it didn't make matters any better that Asa went nigh-nigh with a low-grade fever and was a pitiful little guy.
i firmly believe in the whole 'tomorrow's a new day' pov and was ready and willing to embrace it after a good night's rest :)
now, if i could only have convinced my baby boy of the same. hmph.
it's been the same ole story with him the past couple weeks... the teething demon.  he's just got a little 'tude goin on almost every day, with a few heavenly days sprinkled in b/w.
aside from this, here's a small list of other things that i've let dampen my day...

1} Lady (our siamese) picked our new sofa... again
2} an old man that's been doin a bit of work in our home peed on the seat... gross!
3} Asa ate a whole buncha NOTHIN' for lunch (he refused) while i enjoyed a delicious BLT and apple slices with peanut butter (that part wasn't so bad)
4} i desperately wanted a Blow Pop after lunch, but knew if i had one, he'd want one too. so, i had to refrain.  (we're not quite ready to introduce the whole candy thing to him just yet... his momma's got enough of a sweet tooth for this whole family!)
5} still having slight contractions
6} my dog won't stop shedding his winter coat
7} the one fashion mag i've treated myself to in MONTHS has already been partially ripped up by my precious boy
8} my new maternity skinnies won't stop riding down.. for the love!

(this all seems a bit trivial, really... but, STILL!)

a small list of things that have/will brighten my day...

1} Asa gave me a big wet smacker in the midst of all his whining
2} being out in Creation
3} that BLT i told you about
4} the Blow Pop i'm about to enjoy since laying the boy down for a nap
5} Justin will be home in time for dinner
6} Justin will be home in time for dinner
7} i have new maternity skinnies 
8} i found this shop on Etsy

this would go on the list of good things :)


i liked it, i loved it...

this day has epitomized, for me, what EVERY Saturday should be.

7:30 am >> snuggles in bed with my boys and Curious George
8:30 am >> breakfast around the table together
9:15 am >> long walk around our 'neighborhood' (historical downtown Concord)
10:30 am >> lay the monkey down for his nap, take care of some laundry, and take in a short snooze with the Mr.
12:30 pm >> Asa awakens and it's time for lunch... around the table together again!
>> after lunch we take care of a little yard work (our yard needs SO much work!), and goof around the playroom for a bit.
2:30 pm >> head out for a grocery run
4:00 pm >> back at home and time for little man's afternoon nap
5:15 pm >> the boy wakes and momma starts dinner while he and daddy play 
6:30 pm >> a delicious dinner of baked chicken, garlic rosemary red pototoes & brown rice... again, all together around the table :)
>> after dinner, we put the kitchen clean up on hold to fit in some couch time cuddles and some more goofiness before bedtime (Asa's, that is)
8:00 pm >> the boy is off to bed and mommy and daddy are about to enjoy a movie and some couch time cuddles of their own (after i blog about our entire day)

some snapshots of the day

the tulip gardens in downtown Concord

FINALLY got something hung on our breakfast room wall!
nabbed the vintage frame for 10 bucks at the Metrolina last week and 
Justin gave me the chandelier print for Christmas in 2009(!)

din din

cuddles with my boys

daddy stole some kisses

to some, this day might seem like the picture of boredom, but for this thankful, pregnant wife and mother it was picture PERFECT!
we also decided not to be on our phones if we didn't have to be..... it's simple things like this, going on walks, taking naps, doing a little yard work, and enjoying ALL 3 meals around the table together that i hope we never take for granted.

i sincerely appreciated every millisecond of this day.
i love my family more now than i did this morning.
and, gosh, do i love my Jesus!  what blessings he's given me!


Wishful Wednesday...

at this very second i'm wishing i was listening to this
but i haven't been able to sync my iPod since i got the album... blast!

also, i wish i was renewing my vows sometime soon so that i could wear this
although i'm not too sure how fabulous i'd look with Miss Bellamy campin' out in this big belly of mine.  hmmm.
SO wish that Anthro had decided to design for brides 6 years ago!
now they just need to get on the ball with a maternity line... can i get an AMEN!
 Anthropologie's bridal line is called BEHOLDEN.  i wouldn't even say it's just for brides... i'd die for so many of the dresses, shoes and accessories any day of the week! 

but most of all, i wish that my sweet Ace could either go ahead and get all his teeth at once or maybe give it a rest for a while... i mean, geez!  the boy has gotten two of his one year molars and two front teeth in the past couple weeks.  if it's almost too much for momma to handle, i can't imagine how rough he's got it?!  
it makes me so sad that he can't tell me what he's feeling, and obviously there's no chance i'm gonna remember what it was like.  so, i just have to try to sympathize and give him lots of frozen whole wheat waffles to chew on.  (they work!)
i'm so thankful today was such a beautiful one... this family loves the outdoors and Asa wasn't happy unless we were out in it today.  i didn't mind one bit... and, i'm thanking the heavens above that it's calling for sun the rest of the week, just in case we're in for more of this teething madness! yikes!

(wellll, darn! just noticed that Friday's calling for storms... here's to hopin' that changes!)