Happy Days...

Friday afternoon looked somethin' like this : Justin taking good care of our boy while i was off to the Metrolina Antique Show with a dear girlfriend.  oh, what treasures to be found!
almost everything i purchased was for baby Belle's nursery, but still managed to grab a few other treasures to sprinkle around the nest.
seriously though, if my budget was $0 i'm convinced i still would have been in Heaven!
I've gone every year for the past 4 or 5 and it NEVER disappoints.
no pics of that day, unfortunately.

the rest of our weekend in pictures...


outside of ikea... naptime's closin' in for the little guy

reading "Are You My Mother" while we wait for the mister

 my manly man loadin' up the goods

a much needed pedicure for the mrs... he sure does love me

Saturday morning, at the breakfast table, Justin mentioned how he couldn't wait to watch the final four games with me that evening.  i said i'd only watch if it was in bed, b/c the sofa (if you can call it that) in our den is the WORST.  it was great when we first got it, but since has gotten terribly uncomfortable and it feels so small... not so fun for prego over here.
he suggested we go on a quest for a new one... well, that didn't take convincing.  as soon as i could get ready, we were off!
we had our fun strollin' around ikea, munchin' on some Swedish yumminess, and left with the perfect new sofa!
came home and got right to work... not just setting it up, but rearranging the ENTIRE room! now, if that's not nesting for ya, i'm not sure what is.
we invited Justin's older brother, his wife and their kids over for a pizza night to top it all off... so great.


 normally, i pull little man in bed with me in the a.m. and we cuddle and watch Curious George for about 15 min before heading down for breakfast (he makes the cutest monkey noises).  this morning i had to get downstairs to let Blue out, so i dropped him off in the den on my way... climbed up there on his own and proceeded to point the remote at the television...
this makes him seem so big to me... i don't like it... slow down, monkey!

after church, we headed over to the tulip gardens in Concord (just about a mile from our home) 

he's been in the throws of teething now for a couple weeks (molars and a couple on bottom), so that bottom lip stayed tucked in for the whole photo shoot.  i decided to stop trying to get him to spit it out and smile after the first 5 min... completely useless.  anyway, it doesn't change how stinkin' cute the kid is!

what i didn't capture was Ace making his way INTO the pond... just wet his tippy toes, but it was close!

oh! so beaUtiful!

mouth open for a split second to make bird noises

i don't look awkward here, do i??

the rest of our day was filled with some much needed R&R, my little brother and a dear college friend coming to visit, burgers and dogs on the grill... and we're about to start a movie and curl up on that new sofa!  it's ALLright!

i love packin' SO much QT in with my boys over a weekend... i just hate how quickly it passes.  Justin's off to another week of work tomorrow... what?!  nooo!

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