'Bringing up Boys'...

Asa challenges me so much as a mother.
I think this is a really good thing, although some days i might not seem to.
if you're mama to a sweet little guy, i'm sure you've heard at some time or another "oh, he's just being a boy"
while i can sometimes see the truth in that, i've also realized that boys can be SO different from one another... also, i feel sure baby Belle will be playing in the dirt, eating mulch, and bouncing balls right along with her brother... and she'll still be our little lady.
i'm not referring to playtime anyhow.
lately, my boy has been pushing ALL his limits... and this does not come without discipline. 
when we're having a particularly difficult day, i might mention it to a friend or family member and the response i normally get is "he's just being a boy."
this is just a bit discouraging... i need more than that!  
so, my wonderful mother {who didn't do too shabby herself, bringing up 5 kiddos} lent me these beauties

'Bringing up Boys' by Dr. James Dobson
'Shepherding a Child's Heart' by Tedd Tripp

I can't wait to crack them open!  I know a certain amount of raising children comes from within... after prayer, you've got your natural maternal instincts and the wisdom and discernment you gain with each passing day.  but, there's something to be said for seeking guidance from someone who's 'been there' and published a book about it. ha!
i'll be sure to keep you updated on all the breakthroughs!

also, let me say that Asa makes me smile thousands of times a day and i love that kid more every second!  he's a hilarious, babblin', cuddlin', mama-kissin', smart little sucker and i wouldn't have him any other way! raising a stubborn, strong-willed, spitfire of a boy can most certainly add up to having a God fearing young man of integrity, compassion, and ambition.
my husband is living proof of this... if Asa turns out anything like his dad, i'll be one proud mama! 

in other news...

my shaggy little man is getting a trim today!  we really want his hair to be long(ish), so she'll just take a little :)

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  1. shepherding a child's heart is one of my mom's favorite parenting resources.. great book. :)