i liked it, i loved it...

this day has epitomized, for me, what EVERY Saturday should be.

7:30 am >> snuggles in bed with my boys and Curious George
8:30 am >> breakfast around the table together
9:15 am >> long walk around our 'neighborhood' (historical downtown Concord)
10:30 am >> lay the monkey down for his nap, take care of some laundry, and take in a short snooze with the Mr.
12:30 pm >> Asa awakens and it's time for lunch... around the table together again!
>> after lunch we take care of a little yard work (our yard needs SO much work!), and goof around the playroom for a bit.
2:30 pm >> head out for a grocery run
4:00 pm >> back at home and time for little man's afternoon nap
5:15 pm >> the boy wakes and momma starts dinner while he and daddy play 
6:30 pm >> a delicious dinner of baked chicken, garlic rosemary red pototoes & brown rice... again, all together around the table :)
>> after dinner, we put the kitchen clean up on hold to fit in some couch time cuddles and some more goofiness before bedtime (Asa's, that is)
8:00 pm >> the boy is off to bed and mommy and daddy are about to enjoy a movie and some couch time cuddles of their own (after i blog about our entire day)

some snapshots of the day

the tulip gardens in downtown Concord

FINALLY got something hung on our breakfast room wall!
nabbed the vintage frame for 10 bucks at the Metrolina last week and 
Justin gave me the chandelier print for Christmas in 2009(!)

din din

cuddles with my boys

daddy stole some kisses

to some, this day might seem like the picture of boredom, but for this thankful, pregnant wife and mother it was picture PERFECT!
we also decided not to be on our phones if we didn't have to be..... it's simple things like this, going on walks, taking naps, doing a little yard work, and enjoying ALL 3 meals around the table together that i hope we never take for granted.

i sincerely appreciated every millisecond of this day.
i love my family more now than i did this morning.
and, gosh, do i love my Jesus!  what blessings he's given me!

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