everything at once...

my original plan was to post on our New York trip (which was fabulous!), but i'm just not feeling up to going into all the wonderful details at the moment.

right now, i feel...

because this life i've got is so blessed!
i just got back from the Big Apple with my amazing honey.
we have a beautiful, healthy boy and a baby girl on the way.
we love our home sweet home in downtown Concord.
and we're surrounded by such love from family and friends.

because the birth of this baby girl is just around the corner...
will i have enough love to go around?
how long will i be sleep deprived?
will Asa be a sweet big brother?

because Justin was at work ALL day today... he just walked in.
(it's one thing when i expect this, but another when i think he'll be home by dinner.)
i still haven't unpacked from the trip.  maybe tomorrow.
i don't sleep well when i'm pregnant... half discomfort. half weird dreams.
and, we've got to GET TO WORK on finishing that nursery!

for a Saviour that loves me... unconditionally.

i layed Asa down in his crib tonight, sang to him "la la lu", and watched his eyes get heavy while he rubbed his cheeks with the satin edge of his blankie.
as i walked away, all these emotions collided and i just started to weep.
i went into my room and watched him on the monitor while the tears flowed.
we walked a road of heartache before our Heavenly Father brought us to this place of joy.
Asa's was a long-awaited arrival and now to have another healthy baby on the way... gosh, our thanks is just bubbling over!

i know everyone has a wide range of feelings on any given day, but i don't think anyone is as capable of experiencing so many emotions at once as a woman... in particular, a mama.
and let's not forget, i'm 29 weeks PREGNANT.

p.s. are there any other second-time mamas out there who had the same thoughts as i have in regards to having enough love to go around??  i mean, it sounds silly doesn't it?  or does it?

NYC details to come!

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  1. Oh Carey - I definitely remember those emotions! Saying goodbye to Ali on the way to the hospital to have Erin was tough. I actually felt guilty for rocking her little world! Once you hold that sweet girl, and she dances into the rhythm of your precious family, all will be well. Asa will need some extra lovin - but he will be FINE! I love you!!