Wishful Wednesday...

the free moments i've had sprinkled throughout this day have been Etsy moments.
here are just a few of my baby Bellamy wishes...

this precious 8x10 print would go just perfectly in her nursery

Alice in Wonderland ~ The White Rabbit bookend pillows

oh, there are no words.

tell me this isn't the sweetest thing since tootsie rolls!

love these monogrammed bloomers

a sweet traditional little crocheted bonnet is a must 

booties handmade in the prettiest vintage fabric

and, of course, mary jane crocheted booties

this boppy cover just happens to be cuter than ALL the ones at Babies R Us,
but i don't absolutely HAVE to have it.

i'm pretty sure EVERYONE knows about Etsy by now... the site for all things beautiful, handmade, and vintage alike.  if this is news to you, go check it out NOW!

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