Wishful Wednesday...

at this very second i'm wishing i was listening to this
but i haven't been able to sync my iPod since i got the album... blast!

also, i wish i was renewing my vows sometime soon so that i could wear this
although i'm not too sure how fabulous i'd look with Miss Bellamy campin' out in this big belly of mine.  hmmm.
SO wish that Anthro had decided to design for brides 6 years ago!
now they just need to get on the ball with a maternity line... can i get an AMEN!
 Anthropologie's bridal line is called BEHOLDEN.  i wouldn't even say it's just for brides... i'd die for so many of the dresses, shoes and accessories any day of the week! 

but most of all, i wish that my sweet Ace could either go ahead and get all his teeth at once or maybe give it a rest for a while... i mean, geez!  the boy has gotten two of his one year molars and two front teeth in the past couple weeks.  if it's almost too much for momma to handle, i can't imagine how rough he's got it?!  
it makes me so sad that he can't tell me what he's feeling, and obviously there's no chance i'm gonna remember what it was like.  so, i just have to try to sympathize and give him lots of frozen whole wheat waffles to chew on.  (they work!)
i'm so thankful today was such a beautiful one... this family loves the outdoors and Asa wasn't happy unless we were out in it today.  i didn't mind one bit... and, i'm thanking the heavens above that it's calling for sun the rest of the week, just in case we're in for more of this teething madness! yikes!

(wellll, darn! just noticed that Friday's calling for storms... here's to hopin' that changes!)

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