Wishful Wednesday...

our little home has been a work in progress since we moved in 4 years ago...
and that's just the way we like it!
and while it's pretty well furnished, i love changin' things up a bit from time to time.
we've made some BIG improvements in the past few months so, aside from baby Belle's room, i'll be sticking to the small stuff for the next little while.

here are some of the ornaments i've got my eye on for dressin' up the nest...

 hoping to start collecting large antique glass bottles to arrange above our bookshelves...
and loving the colors of these!

will continue collecting antique books... care, at least a little, about their content.

our version of this beautiful Tahitian Vine tablecloth from Anthropologie is sun-drenched and faded... replace it with a brand new, vibrant version... yes!

throw a couple of these beauties from UO on our new sofa

hoping to build our collection of original art... would love to find some really amazing local pieces!

this little list should keep me busy for a while... 
i love adding the details to our home that make it our own.
i think we make a connection with every piece, no matter how small.

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