so, up until this morning, if my boy was crying or whining for no reason at all and i had way too much to get done, i'd put it all on hold  to tend to his every whim (for the most part).  it's hard to hear your little one cry and if i'm being honest, sometimes, very frustrating.  since he's gotten 3 teeth in the past two weeks, there's been a LOT of it!  i think, however, that sometimes he (and probably all other children at some point or another) is just being dramatic and testing momma's limits.
you could say the reason that i feel so inclined to run to his rescue is because he's my first and i'm not being pulled in too many different directions just yet (although that's sure to change in just 14 short weeks).
and, to many of you mommas, it might just seem like the right thing to do. 
sometimes, absolutely... comfort them, but i also don't want Asa to think that crying can get him exactly what he wants every time... esp. when he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
very recently, he's moved on to throwing himself on the floor and writhing around in a fit of rage until he get the attention he "deserves"... haven't experienced this yet??  well, it's fun.
anyway, he woke up perfectly happy this morning... had a small bottle, snuggled in bed with momma, and then (as quickly as i can snap my fingers) decided to turn on the charm. ha!  because i knew that he was just perfectly happy, it wasn't time for breakfast, he had a clean diaper, and i had a huge load of laundry to fold before we ventured downstairs, i decided to leave him to his business and go about mine.
i went in the other room for about 20 minutes and folded each piece of that laundry just as efficiently and at the same pace that i would for any other.  his lungs didn't take a rest the whole time.  and i could literally hear that he was rolling around on the floor.  i just breathed... slowly... praying and folding... until the very last article of clothing was neatly placed in the basket.
this was BIG for me!
afterwards, i calmly walked into the room, picked up my little monkey and said, "you're okay. do you want breaftiks (what my dad always called breakfast)?"  and he sucked it up, slapped on a smile, and pointed downstairs.  i feel okay about this.
and he's definitely going to have to learn before his baby sister's here. 

also, i'm very excited to announce...
that i'm headed out the door on a spontaneous and steamin' hot date with a very handsome man... who just happens my Mr.... 131 Main, here we come! yes!


  1. Thank you for posting this!!! I am struggling with the same thing with Maddie. It is so frustrating at times, but I am so glad that she is not the only one being a drama "queen". It is tough to hear them cry, though! We just had a serious meltdown at dinner...most of her melts occur around this time...I just had to take a deep breath and let it pass. So thanks again for inspiration and confidence that I am doing the right thing by letting her work it out herself :)

  2. i applaud you. i see so many mothers (even some of my older friends) that aren't able to do this. in every case i have seen where moms have applied what you talked about - just letting the kid cry and get over it by himself/herself - it does the kid nothing but good. plus if it isn't addressed before 3 it starts to get more unpleasant... so well done! you're a good momma!

  3. you're such a good mama Carlisle Elizabeth!! I was reading yesterday about King Asa in I Kings...I love the significance of his name! Love you! :)

  4. Danielle, i'm with ya girl! it's nice to know you're not the only one sometimes :) i feel like all my other friends kids are some kinda perfect! gah!
    thanks for the vote of confidence Charlotte and Aunt Rachel!
    also, Aunt Rachel... we love the significance too and i love keeping up with your fam on Grace and Glory :)