most of my days center around somewhat of a routine with a little chaos thrown in the mix from time to time... for good measure, of course.  but still almost nothing happens the same way twice.  however, the one thing that never changes is getting to sing my babies to sleep... and this is what they hear.
also, i started this blog for two reasons.  
they are :
1} mostly, i want to notice each minute of every day.  easier said than done, i know.  the simplest things are so many times the most significant and they always seem to sneak by me.  i like to think that making a commitment to write about these sweet little morsels will help me to stop, look, and remember more often.
2} marriagedom and mommyhood are two of the most privileged, complicated, confusing, hysterical, and altogether wonderful commitments a young lady like myself could possibly get herself into.  
and, sometimes... just sometimes... you might like to share in all the nonsense.