date your husband : first & second edition

J and I have recently had a few epiphanies when it comes to our dating life...
number one : laughter makes everything better.
number two : there's nothing wrong with some good ole fashioned competition.
number three : it's nice to feel the butterflies again.

so, in light of all this, i thought it'd be fun to share in our new dating journey with a little blog mini series.
:: date your husband ::

outside of a healthy prayer life in our marriage, we've found that making quality time to spend alone together is what really grows our love and keeps us ticking as a couple.
we try to get a sitter at least one evening every 2 weeks specifically for a date night.
lately, we're trying to think outside of the box a bit.  not just dinner/coffee & a movie.
{although, we thoroughly enjoy those nights too}

first up, 

neither of us had been on the ice in years {more than a decade in my case}!
and, while we have our laughs together on a daily basis, neither of us can remember the last time we laughed as hard as we did this night.  food for the soul!
somewhere in the mix of working, parenting 3 littles, and everyday life in general we lost the little butterflies and the carefree fun.
after a couple shameless wipe-outs and a few laps around the rink holding {or squeezing} hands, i felt like i was 18 and dating again.

the shooting range

 i was a little nervous about this one.
i'd only held a gun for .2 seconds before this point and now i was gonna SHOOT the thing!
it was fantastic!
Justin loved teaching me every step of the way and then we spiced things up a bit with a little target competition.
i'm sure you don't have to guess who the winner was...
anyway, SO fun!

gettin' excited for the next one!
we've got a little list going, but i'd love to hear some ideas... got any??

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