Bellamy's Nursery...

just arrived home from our beach/mountain excursion this morning...
post on that later.

for now, a lot of you have been asking and the finishing touches are FINALLY in place..... 
here's our baby girl's cozy little nest! 
we love it and hope that she will too!

picked up 2 antique prints (one boy, one girl) at a yard sale for the kid's doors

framed cross-stitch i found at the Metrolina antique fair
"a bell is not a bell until you ring it"
along with a couple sweet etsy prints

toy box/bench >> junk store find, painted.
and, my wonderful MIL sewed up some pillow cases with my extra fabric

vintage rod iron dress form... found here for one heck of a deal and painted.

bought this chair 5 years ago at a yard sale for $5, found the ottoman at a junk store for $10 and had them reupholstered.
lamp and table found at the Metrolina antique fair. painted the table.

storing pacis, hair accessories, and whatnot in mason jars.

Jenny Lind crib, borrowed and painted gold.
crib bedding... a mixture of handcrafted and craigslist finds.

yarn ball mobile crafted by momma... was a bit more difficult than it looks, but turned out perfectly!

ikea floating shelves, accessorized with old and new.

ceiling medallion, painted gold
antique bird cage wired for lighting and hung with crystals.

changing table was a craigslist find. painted and adorned with Anthro hardware!

we had to take the door off of the closet to allow for the shelves, so a curtain it is!

two of my favorite stories as a girl!

antique mirror from Metrolina antique fair... hobby lobby letters.

Lofty Larks Wallpaper from Anthropologie

this project was truly a labor of love!
Justin was resposible for the construction of things... wallpaper, cornice boards, bead board, painting, caulking... you name it!
i stepped in for everything else.
really, it all started with the wallpaper and the vision stemmed from there!


the days are running together...

it's been such a challenge for me to find some LaLaLu time lately...
my little sis, Kathleen, is keeping my little guy busy for a few, so i've been afforded a small window of time before i get back to my day.
thanks, Aunt Kath!

this is my day in a diptic nutshell :
>>our packing list for the spontaneous trip we're takin' to the coast (leaving bright and early tomorrow a.m.)
>>the kids bag is ready... now for the hard part... me.
>>laundry, laundry, and more laundry.
>>took a little time for some updates in baby Belle's book... she was 1 whole month old yesterday!

since we didn't get to take our yearly beach vaca, due to our little beauty's arrival... we're taking it now!  headed to Garden City 'til Saturday and then it's off to Asheville for some family time with Mimi and Poppy (Justin's mom and stepdad)

This past weekend :

 on Friday night our dear friends, the Celettis and their precious boy, Colt, hung at our place and brought some delicious Cappriccio's pizza along with them.
after dinner we all walked up for icecream at the Creamery in downtown Concord.
it was pretty perfect.  we don't have many friends with kids... let alone boys that are close to Asa's age, so he was loving it!
I met Kristy through a mutual friend last September and she's been such a huge blessing in my life ever since.  i'm beyond thankful for that girl!

on Saturday morning we swung by a Chick-fil-a drive thru for breakfast and headed out to a yardsale in South Charlotte... i picked up a few cute things for my sister's new nest and some corduroy overalls for Asa.
after his morning nap, we ventured over to Huntersville to Discovery Place Kids.  it's only been open since October and i've been waiting 'til Ace was big enough to go and really enjoy himself.  
it gets my recommendation for sure!  they thought of everything! they've got fire trucks, race cars, submarines, boats, grocery stores, playhouses, water tables, play gyms... you name it! i'd say it's great for kids anywhere from 16 months-5 or 6 years old.
Asa's favorite, by far, was the water table... and the submarine.
{side note : not sure Saturday is the best day to go. we really did enjoy ourselves, but probably won't do it again... it was PACKED!}

on Sunday, my mom's parents came into town for lunch at Five Guys and to spend the afternoon.  it was Bellamy's first time meeting her Great Grandpa (Grandma came to visit in the hospital).
oh, and leave it to my Grandpa Sullivan to spoil Ace with some candy before lunch.  i let it slide for this special occasion ;)

i sure hope you guys enjoyed that sweet little gift of 80 degrees and breezy this past week... i'm not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, but just give me a few more weeks of this hot hot heat!


routine schmoutine...

so, this weekend... while it flew by (once again) was a taste of perfection.
Justin didn't have to fit in any work and we hardly had an agenda.
there was country cookin', there was swimmin' and sun bathin', there were Starbucks swing thrus, there were walks, there was icecream, there were naps... love all around!
it was Saturday evening in particular though that set this w/e above the rest.
you see, our little family life revolves around a pretty set routine (for the kiddos, at least) and when Justin and i want to have our fun, we get a sitter.
however, not much of that has happened in the past few weeks... for obvious reasons.
so, after our little man's afternoon nap, we decided a date for the whole fam was in order.
to Southpark it was. (we barely ever get to that side of town)
California Pizza Kitchen is one of our faves... Avocado Eggrolls, Cobb Salad, and Sicilian Pizza... in that order. YUM!
also, Justin's Father's Day gift was going to be a mini shopping spree at the J.Crew outlet on our beach vacation, but since little sister decided to make her debut a few weeks early, that didn't happen.  so after dinner, it became a family affair to get daddy a couple handsome new duds... it didn't hurt that they were having an additional 30% off of sale items.  (they had TONS to choose from... if you hurry, you might still catch it!)
now, remember that routine i mentioned... well, Asa's bedtime is between 7:30 & 8 every night, but this night the little hand was rounding its way up to the 9 as our Southpark fun was coming to an end... and we still had a 45 min drive ahead of us.
what's so wonderful about this is that Asa AND momma kept their cool... no pressure to get home, no worrying about whether he'll get enough rest, just living in the moment and loving it.  i made a decision.  i stepped outside of my little routine bubble and i'm so glad i did. 
of course, by the time we got home Asa was on the verge of a mini meltdown, but he's fine.
every once in a while, it's okay.  we were livin' on the edge.
let me just say, Justin and I are pretty layed back when it comes to just us, but a schedule is what works for us as a family.  we like it.

actually, i'd love to hear some momma feedback on a daily schedule with two babies.
Asa's still on two naps a day (i'll take it while i can).  i'm wondering how the transition to one will go.
and then, there's Belle... she's still too little for any kind of real routine, but maybe in the next month or so.
what works/worked best for you??

Bellamy's whimpering for mama... time to get some sweet newborn snuggles in!


quiet... maybe too quiet...

Justin and Asa are off to my parents for the night.
it's become quite the tradition, wear Boston butts are concerned, for my dad and Justin to stay up cooking them through the night on the smoker.
this time, the hubs decided to take a load off of momma and bring Ace along.
so, for now it's just me, the little lady, and The Civil Wars...
(until a bit later, when my little brother shows up to keep me company)
i'm really trying to appreciate the quiet... it's a gift.
but, truly, i want my boys to come home RIGHT NOW!
i've done some laundry, prepped for tuesday's dinner, cleaned the dishes...
no toddler to bathe and put to bed, no hubby to recap the day with...
i hardly know what to do with myself.
so, i'm here...

i've realized lately what a faith builder it is to have a new baby.
i'm much more laid back with Bellamy than i was with Asa, but still am plagued by little worries and anxieties.
this time around, it's mostly due to this devil gas/indigestion that creeps up on my baby girl's sweet disposition.  it attacks her in the midst of the soundest sleep.  literally causing her to wrench about and cry in pain.
i've pulled out all the stops... switched to a bland diet, limited gluten and dairy, warm bird baths, tummy time, gripe water... you name it, and nothing seems to bring relief.
my pediatrician assures me "it's just one of those things" and i can really only wait it out.
i've prayed and cried over this so many times now... i just want to fix it. and i can't.
but what does worry count for??
Justin pleads with me to stop dwelling on it... that's just easier said than done for this momma. 
but i'm gonna try.
so, this is me, handing it over and trusting my Father to answer the prayers i've been sending up for my baby Belle...
no more worries. 

on a brighter note... i've decided to start crafting.
i've got a few ideas up my sleeves.
nothing too original, but stay tuned ;)

and... here's some recent pics...

my little mischief maker

baby girl found her thumb for the first time


a mental snapshot of our morning...
i woke a bit after 7am to the tiny (feed me) grunts coming from Bellamy's bassinet... 
took a look at the monitor to see Ace playing happily and quietly in his crib, so i decided to soak in a few extra moments with the baby girl before daddy went and grabbed our boy.
pretty soon, it was all four of us piled in the bed to take in some morning cartoons.
Asa always cuddles with his dad first, before makin' his way over to momma.
this morning, he decided to smother baby Belle with kisses.  you could say this is a good problem to have, but nonetheless, i slowly pulled Bellamy away from his smooches... a girl's gotta breathe.
it was only a few minutes after this when Asa had had his fill of morning snuggles and was up and running... we were close behind. 
so simple, but these are the moments i live for.

the blog and i have been having a stare down for the past couple weeks. (BELLAMY IS 2 WEEKS OLD ALREADY!)
i won't say i'm terribly overwhelmed with the two (i've had bunches of help from the family).
however, i can honestly say that over these past days, blogging is the last thing i want to do with the quiet moments i can gather each day.
if Asa's napping, i'm soakin' in some time with Belle or resting myself.
if Belle is sleeping and Asa's awake, we're eating, reading, playing with Blue, coloring... you name it!
and if they're both awake... well, you know.
so, anyway, i wanted to drop by with a little update and say that i'll be back soon with precious pics and some (hopefully) pretty great posts!

Happy Independence Day!!!
have a fabulous weekend, ya'll!