a mental snapshot of our morning...
i woke a bit after 7am to the tiny (feed me) grunts coming from Bellamy's bassinet... 
took a look at the monitor to see Ace playing happily and quietly in his crib, so i decided to soak in a few extra moments with the baby girl before daddy went and grabbed our boy.
pretty soon, it was all four of us piled in the bed to take in some morning cartoons.
Asa always cuddles with his dad first, before makin' his way over to momma.
this morning, he decided to smother baby Belle with kisses.  you could say this is a good problem to have, but nonetheless, i slowly pulled Bellamy away from his smooches... a girl's gotta breathe.
it was only a few minutes after this when Asa had had his fill of morning snuggles and was up and running... we were close behind. 
so simple, but these are the moments i live for.

the blog and i have been having a stare down for the past couple weeks. (BELLAMY IS 2 WEEKS OLD ALREADY!)
i won't say i'm terribly overwhelmed with the two (i've had bunches of help from the family).
however, i can honestly say that over these past days, blogging is the last thing i want to do with the quiet moments i can gather each day.
if Asa's napping, i'm soakin' in some time with Belle or resting myself.
if Belle is sleeping and Asa's awake, we're eating, reading, playing with Blue, coloring... you name it!
and if they're both awake... well, you know.
so, anyway, i wanted to drop by with a little update and say that i'll be back soon with precious pics and some (hopefully) pretty great posts!

Happy Independence Day!!!
have a fabulous weekend, ya'll!

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