quiet... maybe too quiet...

Justin and Asa are off to my parents for the night.
it's become quite the tradition, wear Boston butts are concerned, for my dad and Justin to stay up cooking them through the night on the smoker.
this time, the hubs decided to take a load off of momma and bring Ace along.
so, for now it's just me, the little lady, and The Civil Wars...
(until a bit later, when my little brother shows up to keep me company)
i'm really trying to appreciate the quiet... it's a gift.
but, truly, i want my boys to come home RIGHT NOW!
i've done some laundry, prepped for tuesday's dinner, cleaned the dishes...
no toddler to bathe and put to bed, no hubby to recap the day with...
i hardly know what to do with myself.
so, i'm here...

i've realized lately what a faith builder it is to have a new baby.
i'm much more laid back with Bellamy than i was with Asa, but still am plagued by little worries and anxieties.
this time around, it's mostly due to this devil gas/indigestion that creeps up on my baby girl's sweet disposition.  it attacks her in the midst of the soundest sleep.  literally causing her to wrench about and cry in pain.
i've pulled out all the stops... switched to a bland diet, limited gluten and dairy, warm bird baths, tummy time, gripe water... you name it, and nothing seems to bring relief.
my pediatrician assures me "it's just one of those things" and i can really only wait it out.
i've prayed and cried over this so many times now... i just want to fix it. and i can't.
but what does worry count for??
Justin pleads with me to stop dwelling on it... that's just easier said than done for this momma. 
but i'm gonna try.
so, this is me, handing it over and trusting my Father to answer the prayers i've been sending up for my baby Belle...
no more worries. 

on a brighter note... i've decided to start crafting.
i've got a few ideas up my sleeves.
nothing too original, but stay tuned ;)

and... here's some recent pics...

my little mischief maker

baby girl found her thumb for the first time

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