routine schmoutine...

so, this weekend... while it flew by (once again) was a taste of perfection.
Justin didn't have to fit in any work and we hardly had an agenda.
there was country cookin', there was swimmin' and sun bathin', there were Starbucks swing thrus, there were walks, there was icecream, there were naps... love all around!
it was Saturday evening in particular though that set this w/e above the rest.
you see, our little family life revolves around a pretty set routine (for the kiddos, at least) and when Justin and i want to have our fun, we get a sitter.
however, not much of that has happened in the past few weeks... for obvious reasons.
so, after our little man's afternoon nap, we decided a date for the whole fam was in order.
to Southpark it was. (we barely ever get to that side of town)
California Pizza Kitchen is one of our faves... Avocado Eggrolls, Cobb Salad, and Sicilian Pizza... in that order. YUM!
also, Justin's Father's Day gift was going to be a mini shopping spree at the J.Crew outlet on our beach vacation, but since little sister decided to make her debut a few weeks early, that didn't happen.  so after dinner, it became a family affair to get daddy a couple handsome new duds... it didn't hurt that they were having an additional 30% off of sale items.  (they had TONS to choose from... if you hurry, you might still catch it!)
now, remember that routine i mentioned... well, Asa's bedtime is between 7:30 & 8 every night, but this night the little hand was rounding its way up to the 9 as our Southpark fun was coming to an end... and we still had a 45 min drive ahead of us.
what's so wonderful about this is that Asa AND momma kept their cool... no pressure to get home, no worrying about whether he'll get enough rest, just living in the moment and loving it.  i made a decision.  i stepped outside of my little routine bubble and i'm so glad i did. 
of course, by the time we got home Asa was on the verge of a mini meltdown, but he's fine.
every once in a while, it's okay.  we were livin' on the edge.
let me just say, Justin and I are pretty layed back when it comes to just us, but a schedule is what works for us as a family.  we like it.

actually, i'd love to hear some momma feedback on a daily schedule with two babies.
Asa's still on two naps a day (i'll take it while i can).  i'm wondering how the transition to one will go.
and then, there's Belle... she's still too little for any kind of real routine, but maybe in the next month or so.
what works/worked best for you??

Bellamy's whimpering for mama... time to get some sweet newborn snuggles in!

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