Bellamy's Nursery...

just arrived home from our beach/mountain excursion this morning...
post on that later.

for now, a lot of you have been asking and the finishing touches are FINALLY in place..... 
here's our baby girl's cozy little nest! 
we love it and hope that she will too!

picked up 2 antique prints (one boy, one girl) at a yard sale for the kid's doors

framed cross-stitch i found at the Metrolina antique fair
"a bell is not a bell until you ring it"
along with a couple sweet etsy prints

toy box/bench >> junk store find, painted.
and, my wonderful MIL sewed up some pillow cases with my extra fabric

vintage rod iron dress form... found here for one heck of a deal and painted.

bought this chair 5 years ago at a yard sale for $5, found the ottoman at a junk store for $10 and had them reupholstered.
lamp and table found at the Metrolina antique fair. painted the table.

storing pacis, hair accessories, and whatnot in mason jars.

Jenny Lind crib, borrowed and painted gold.
crib bedding... a mixture of handcrafted and craigslist finds.

yarn ball mobile crafted by momma... was a bit more difficult than it looks, but turned out perfectly!

ikea floating shelves, accessorized with old and new.

ceiling medallion, painted gold
antique bird cage wired for lighting and hung with crystals.

changing table was a craigslist find. painted and adorned with Anthro hardware!

we had to take the door off of the closet to allow for the shelves, so a curtain it is!

two of my favorite stories as a girl!

antique mirror from Metrolina antique fair... hobby lobby letters.

Lofty Larks Wallpaper from Anthropologie

this project was truly a labor of love!
Justin was resposible for the construction of things... wallpaper, cornice boards, bead board, painting, caulking... you name it!
i stepped in for everything else.
really, it all started with the wallpaper and the vision stemmed from there!


  1. this is fabulous! well done, you!

  2. Where did u get the medallion and do u remember what type of paint you used?

  3. any pointers you can give me for painting the crib? did you do it yourselves?


  4. Nathalie, i just saw this! SO sorry! i got the medallion at Lowes and spray painted it with Lowes Valspar metallic gold :)
    Kalle, i used a spray primer to start, then two coats of the Valspar gold metallic spray paint, and finished with a spray coat of polyurethan... and voila! quick and simple!