i've got some 'splainin to do...

it seems i've been violently shoved off of the blog train!
there are quite a few culprits... 
they are :

1} the mean little devil known as acid reflux that keeps stealing my baby girl's joy.
2} the fact that most days it's just me and the kiddos 'til whenever daddy gets home...
they're rarely sleeping at the same time (i'm working on this with miss Belle) and when Justin walks through the door, it's time for some QT.
3} when i do have free time, there's laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, floors to be swept/mopped, rugs to be vacuumed, meals to be cooked... the list goes on. (this is not me complaining)
4} i don't have a laptop... if i want to do anything significant on the web, i have to steal away to our desktop computer that sits downstairs in the corner of our dining room.  
i can pretty much do everything from my iPhone (i.e. emails, facebook, google, instagram, shopping, etc.), but have you ever tried blogging from one... not the best.  also, when i do finally get the chance to sit down at the computer, i've usually only got enough time to upload and edit some photos.
5} i'm hormonal.

i'm typing this with mini breaks every 2 minutes to soothe Bellamy, and Asa's at my feet playing with the printer.
i know, it's only 2 kids. it's been done before. my mom did it and her's before her. and i know i've got it easier than a lot of other mommas.
i just need a little bit longer to wrap my head around things and figure out what sort of dynamic works best for our new family of 4.
a little grace.
i can't count the amount of times i've thought over the past few weeks 'this needs to go on the blog' , let alone 'i need to be taking pictures of this' or 'i should call so-and-so to catch up for a bit' or 'i can't forget to write that down'
so, this is me sortin' out my priorities and saying... i'll do it when i can.  whether it's 4 times a week or once every 2.

hopefully, i can catch up on things before another little munchkin is on it's way into the mix ;)  ha!

i truly do love this little life i've been so blessed with.
really working on taking the bad with the good and making the very best of it all!

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