casual summer style for a nursing momma..

i can't say this is the beginning of fashion posting for me... 
but, being a nursing momma can be hard sometimes when it comes down dressing yourself for the day.  i want to be able to nurse conveniently and somewhat discreetly without sacrificing my love of style.
so, i thought i'd throw together a few simple examples of what my day to day might look like.
{however, don't be fooled... some entire days are spent in my pajamas. and that's okay.}

take it away, polyvore...

1} a button-down for easy access, paired with minimal jewelry and an over-the-shoulder satchel
2} a flowy top can also serve as a cover!
3} maxi dresses are the way to go... no hassle!
side note : these days, if i wear a necklace, i keep it simple... if not, just amp it up where bracelets and earrings are concerned...

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