the dairy {allergy} fairy strikes again...

i'm talkin' allergies here.
Bellamy's taking after her big brother, Asa, in more ways than one. 
she has an infant allergy to dairy protein :(
a small part of me is happy to have found this out... i needed answers as to why she writhes in pain after feedings and when she's trying to poo.
i can't count the amount of times i've cried these last few weeks because i couldn't fix it.
when Justin would hold her as she cried, it didn't seem to phase him... apparently he has some happy place he goes to mentally that mothers or i just don't possess.  
i decided to cut all dairy out of my diet about a week ago, before we had any diagnosis.
it seemed to help a bit, but only really just take the edge off.
so, our pediatrician referred us to a  pediatric gastroenterologist.
her appointment was this morning and Justin took her so i could spend some QT with our boy {it hasn't been just me and Asa since Bellamy was born}.
they examined a stool sample and found traces of blood in it, indicative of a dairy allergy.
we found the same with Asa, but his was very obvious... changing a diaper with bloody poo can be a little scary for momma.
so, although i'm no stranger to the changes that have to be made to accommodate this pesky little allergy... it won't be any easier and a diet without cheese is just plain terrible!
since i've eliminated dairy and Bellamy's still struggling, we're gonna try a 50/50 approach.
i'll alternate every other feeding with breastmilk and alimentum formula.
breastfeeding is such a beautiful thing... an amazing bond that i've been blessed to have with both of my children and i'd really hate to give it up.  i'm not near ready and i don't think baby girl is either.  Asa weened himself around 10 months, b/c i was pregnant and my supply depleted significantly.  we don't plan on having another as close as our first two are, so Bellamy's in it for the long haul... hopefully. 
all things considered, we're beyond thankful to have two beautiful, healthy, growing babies.

thank you, Jesus! 

Justin just called and said he'd be working late... which kinda stinks, considering i count the minutes from the time he leaves every morning 'til he walks back through the door.
i guess i'm saving the delicious home cooked meal for tomorrow night... tonight, we'll have chicken nuggets.

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  1. Bellamy & Asa are beautiful Carey!!! I need to hold that baby girl! Love you - I'll be praying about the whole allergy thing.