eat, sleep, and cars...

cars... it's what Asa's livelihood depends on these days.  a boy after his daddy's heart.
from the moment we step downstairs in the morning 'til his head hits that crib mattress at 8pm... cars.
getting him to pause for meals, naps, and diaper changes has become such a chore!
a huge part of me loves to see my boy growing and figuring out what makes him tick.
it's also been a giant help when it comes to nursing... his new friends lightening mcqueen and tow-mater are enough to distract him from wanting to crawl into my lap and on top of Bellamy.  and, an added bonus >> i don't have to resort to turning on the toons!
the downside >> tantrums have been thrown into the mix a little more lately :/
you know, when i've gotta snag the car for meals and naps.
as i'm typing, Bellamy's snoozing and Asa is taking tow-mater for a drive underneath our dining room table. up, around and through every chair.  sometimes Blue gets in on the fun... he fills in as a freeway for the cars when the rest of the house doesn't make the cut... "vroom vroom, beep beep" up his back, down his head and off his snout.  Blue just sits there.  it's precious.
{i've gotten some footage of it, but can't seem to figure how to upload it onto my blog}
some days i just sit and watch him.  i laugh to myself when he lines them all up and pushes them one by one through the candlesticks as if it's a tunnel... praying he doesn't hear me, cause then he knows mommy's watching and suddenly he's not so attentive... he jumps up and decides that he might like to terrorize Lady {our siamese cat} instead.
of course this obsession makes his daddy proud.  Justin, who eats, sleeps and breathes cars... all kinds, but Ford Classics, in particular.
Asa's even got a t-shirt from Lucky Brand with the "Geniune Ford Parts" emblem on it.  love it!
a lot of my days, lately, look like this.  i think i'm starting to find a balance between the two kiddos... a routine of sorts.  and if the highlight of it all is getting to watch my boy's imagination unfold while he "beep beep"s around with his little cars, that's alright with me!  in fact, it's perfect.

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