a day in the life...

my man truly is the 'jack of all trades'.  so, he works a lot.  a lot. 
when he's not buying/selling, fixing, towing cars and trucks, he's selling houses... and outside of this, his phone pretty much rings off the hook.
this is hard for both of us sometimes, but i know
i'm truly blessed to have such a strong, hardworking, ambitious man of God.
he's pretty dang easy on the eyes too ;)

while hubs is off payin' the bills, i'm holdin' down the fort.
an average day might look something like this >>
the babies wake around 8 and Asa joins us in bed for some morning toons.
Justin sticks around for a little to give Bellamy her bottle while i try to pull myself together in a matter of minutes {because they're won't be time for this later}.
it's not long before Justin has to head out the door... i have a little pout, he passes off the babe and gives a quick smooch, then he's gone.
the kids and i putz around upstairs for a bit {if they're both happy, i'm doing laundry/cleaning the bathroom/doing my hair}.
9:15 or so, Asa's hungry for  breakfast and Bellamy's going down for her first nap.
after breakfast, Asa and i read and play until Belle wakes around 10:30.
she eats around 11 and i may or may not turn on some toons for Asa while i nurse.
by noon, Bellamy's fussing for another nap and i'm putting some lunch together for my boy.  he eats, i lay her down, he's finished and he runs a muck for a bit while i clean the kitchen.
at 1pm Asa goes down for his nap and momma gets {maybe} 30min to an hour of quiet time... usually spent eating my lunch, picking up toys, folding laundry, changing out of my pjs, and possibly catching a few winks myself.
Bellamy's usually up by 2 for her bottle and Asa's soon to follow by 3... he gets some fishies and juice to hold him over 'til dindin.
right about now i start thinkin' about the fact that there's {around} 3 more hours to entertain the kiddos before daddy gets home'... sometimes i despair a little and other times i'm optimistic.  it really depends on the babies.
if Asa got some good rest during his nap, he's so much fun this time of the day.
we usually go outside and throw the ball with Blue for a bit before Bellamy lies down again at 4.  i hold the girl and he throws the "ba".
once she's down, i make sure Asa's got his cars and some books and start to think about dinner {probably something like spaghetti, baked chicken and veggies, or just sandwiches... that's all i got, people!}.
Bellamy's up by 5 and by the time i'm done nursing her, {on a good day} daddy's walking through the door.
i finish up on dinner and we all sit down to eat.
music's playing while we talk about our days.
Bellamy sits in the middle of the table in her bouncy seat to get in on the fun.
once we're all done and the kitchen's cleaned, it's time for a walk.
we load the kiddos up in the double stroller, leash up Blue and head to the Creamery in downtown Concord for some icecream {or, in my case, sorbet}.
then we're home again and it's time to put the babies to bed...
we're pretty good at tag-teamin' it for this.
i get both of their bottles ready while Justin heads upstairs with Asa to get his jammies on.
I give Belle the first half of her bottle while Justin finishes getting Asa ready, then we switch.
we all pray together, Justin takes Bellamy to change her into her jammies while i brush Asa's teeth, lay him down, and sing 'lalalu'.
i finish giving Bellamy her bottle, lay her down, sing the same to her and she's out.
hubs and i take a deep breath and crash on the couch for the next hour or two watching anything from 'HOME by Novogratz' to 'Pawn Stars' to 'Planet Earth'

now there's always some not so great days thrown in the mix... the kids are especially fussy, Justin doesn't make it home 'til 9pm, i haven't showered let alone gotten into 'normal' clothes all day, we have chicken nuggets and easy mac for dinner... 
and there's grace for those days.
there's also exceptionally wonderful days... the kids are ridiculously happy and take fantastic naps, i take a long shower and blowdry my hair, we have a play date with Kristy and Colt {or another dear friend}, the hubs gets home early, and dinner is delicious!

but, as long as most of our days are somewhere in between, it's all good.

also, something that's made a world of difference in just the past week...
i decided that i would work really hard on expressing pride in my man, building him up, and letting him know how much i appreciate what he does for our family.
and he realized that quality time with the fam was a major priority and decided to leave work at the door for at least a couple hours when he got home... returning phonecalls, answering emails, and finishing paperwork once the kids are in bed.

so there it is.  i've been meaning to write this down for myself lately and thought, 'why not share'.

hope everyone's having a lovely holiday weekend!
we're gearin' up for my birthday cookout around here... yay yay!

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