these days in a nutshell...

i really have been trying to stay consistent with posting, but the days just keep sneaking by and before i know it, IT'S BEEN A WHOLE WEEK!  

anyway... i figured a little cram session here and there doesn't hurt, so here's what we've been up to the past week {or two}...

Labor Day Weekend
celebrating my 27th birthday x2!
my little sis cooked a fantastically delicious meal for the fam at her place on one night {Friday},
and the next evening {Saturday} we cooked out at our place with close friends.

the Mr. kept the babes for a few hours on Sunday while my mom and i did a little birthday shoppin'.

on Labor Day we layed pretty low and had dinner at my parent's house with some of their neighbors.

over the next few days i was lovin' on my babies, doin' some laundry, runnin' some errands, hangin' with friends and everything in between.

Justin took a half day that Friday and we headed down to Greenville, SC.
both sets of my grandparents are down there {one of which hadn't met Bellamy yet}, and a few very close friends.
we stayed with one of my mom's best friends and packed A LOT into 2 days, but it was perfect!  we saw everyone and did everything we wanted to and made it home by the kid's bedtime on Sunday night.

we had a playdate all day Monday and had dinner together when the husbands got off work.
Tuesday, my wonderful momma came to keep the kids so i could run a couple errands and get some cleaning done... she even did a little cleaning herself.  i love her.
Asa had his 18month check-up Wednesday morning and he's perfect!
that evening we brought dinner to some dear friends of ours who just welcomed a beautiful new baby girl into the world, Ivy Jane.  gosh, was she sweet!

the proud new momma!

today, we had a visit from a lovely lady i used to nanny for... and she came bearing gifts... 
Dean and Deluca for lunch and an ADORABLE Missoni knit onesie for Bellamy.  
her son, Larson, was 3 when i watched him and is now 8!
she also has beautiful twin girls that are teenagers now and i can hardly believe it!
OH, and my little brother, Grant, joined us for dinner... this blessed me.

tomorrow we'll be packing, packing, and more packing.
we leave for a week at the beach on Sunday, but Saturday is BOOKED so no packing then.

ok so, i'm off to write some lists!


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