Thankful Thursday...

today i'm thankful for this beauty

i found this for FREE on Craigslist about 3 years ago.
it's an antique Kimball upright, complete with an original signature on the inside from 1925.
when we first got it home, it was in need of a little tender lovin' care, so i decided a paint job was in order to cover up the scrapes and bruises.
i was in love with it from the start, but the green made me fall that much harder.
i really only know the basics... 'heart & soul', chopsticks', 'edelweiss', 
and let's not forget the first one my grandmother ever taught me...
'birthday party'
it goes a little something like this>>

here we go
                                                                            c     d    e

up a row
                                                                            c   d   e

to a birthday party
                                                                  d  c     d    e     c   c

i'm looking forward to taking lessons {hopefully} soon, but in the meantime my 
little guy does a beautiful job of making his own music on it.
almost any time he passes, he can't resist but tickle those ivories... the cutest!
a huge part of the reason we wanted a piano was to give our kids a musical/artistic outlet as they got older.
i grew up in a house with music ringing through the halls on a very regular basis.
we all took piano lessons for years and somewhere along the line i dropped it and never picked it back up {that's about to change}.
my brother, Grant, on the other hand could sit down at a piano by the age of 4 and sound songs out within a matter of minutes... this has blossomed into such an insane musical gift and i hope for the same in any one of our children.
our love and appreciation for music runs deep in this house and i can definitely see this piano gettin' a heck of a lot of lovin' over the years!

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