brother love...

the first few weeks that Bellamy was home, the brother love comin' from Asa's direction was questionable at best.  there might have even been a little slapping action on the bad days.
i can imagine it has to be tough sharing momma's attention when you're use to getting it all.  over the course of a few weeks, he turned from his jealous ways and more or less began ignoring her. 
this was fine with me, because i knew he'd grow out of it and it made things like
nursing, diaper changing, and bathing so much easier
 {considering he wasn't climbing on top of her to get to me}.
it's only been 3 months and i'm pretty sure he's forgotten what life is like without Bellamy and resolved to loving on his new little sis.
most days {with very few exceptions} he's...
>>gently pointing out all the parts of her face, "no" (nose), "ma"(mouth), "eye", "ee-uh"(ear), and glancing at me for approval after each one.  
>>giving her smooches.
>>looking worried and saying "oh no" when she's crying.
>>climbing onto the couch, situating himself into a lounging position and saying "pease" for me to let him hold her.
this and so much more.

i just can't wait 'til she can feel the love and give it back...
such a beautiful thing to see unfold.
i LOVE mothering these two precious littles!

photographic proof of the brotherly lovin'...

::heart melts::

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  1. SO sweet :)
    shes getting so big already. i can't believe it...