rain dances...

Labor day weekend was a birthday weekend for me!
it was such a gift to have the hubs home a little more than usual.
Friday night we celebrated with my family, Saturday we cooked out with friends.
i took more pics in the past few days than i have in months... this is a little sad, considering i need to be so much better about snapping photos on a daily basis...
but at least we caught quite a few special moments on film for my big 2-7!
this post isn't about that though.
more on birthday/labor day celebrations later.

here in the Queen City, Friday night showered us with rains.  torrential rains.
Asa's seen rain, but we rarely get more than a sprinkle around here, so it's never been enough for him to notice anything more than a few drops on his cheeks.
my whole fam and i were over at my sister, Gretchen's, place and decided to step out on the front patio to get a better look...
 i knew a nasty storm was a brewin', so while it was just rain,
i snatched my little boy up for some rain dancing!
the moment he felt the water pouring down his face, he was squealing and spinning in circles with his hands stretched out to catch the drops.
we were drenched in seconds.
every little bit he would pause and stand still to take it all in, then get right back to dancing.
once the thunder started rolling in, it was time to get dry.
Gretchen put one of Uncle Justin's t-shirts on him. 
{there's almost nothing cuter than a little kid in a giant t-shirt}

the 3 minutes that i spent with my Ace, dancing in the rain, were some of the very best minutes i've shared with him so far.  

Justin was giving Bellamy a bottle at the time and missed the fun.
each night at bedtime, before we turn out the lights, we talk a little.  that night, as i was describing the details of Asa's and my romp in the rain, i started to cry...
it really was the sweetest thing.
and it made me realize how quickly they grow and just how precious every second is.
so, here's to hopin' the memories just keep gettin' sweeter!

photo reel...

{this is him begging to go out for more}

happy hump day, y'all!

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