Sunny Monday...

this is what today looked like...

going into vacation, i can't wait for all the extra time i get to spend with my precious family, but i'm always just a bit anxious... wondering whether it's actually going to be relaxing or not. {this is since we've added kids to the mix}  i've realized, that's actually all on me.
will i LET myself relax?
today, yes.  
every day has it's share of frustrations. even on vaca. especially on vaca.
between packing for 4, driving for hours with fussy babes, unpacking, and settling in... 
it takes me a little while to unwind.
but when the hubs and i are tag-teamin' it, we make quite the duo!
i'm pretty sure i'd be lost without him.
and today was a success!  relaxation station, folks!
{sure, there were a couple wrenches thrown in, but i kept my cool. yes i did.}
this week'll be good.

oh, and this is my friend from college, Leslie and her adorable baby girl, Annabelle...
she lives here in Myrtle Beach and got to hang with us for a bit today!
so fun!

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