a month in instagram...

hello from halfway through September.
August was spent preparing for baby #3 and lovin' on 1 & 2.
there was lots of walking, trips to the park, and eating out, just the four of us.
since her arrival, any down time has become so precious.
i wanted to take a moment to catch you up on the last month in pictures, 
and i plan on doing a "baby Olive" post very soon.

these two hams.

and these two hams... Asa's best little buddy, Colt.

celebratin' my mama's 50th!

plenty of brother sister time... bike rides, walks, park play, and Discovery Place Kids!

QT with family and dear friends.

baby O, bidin' the time in her comfy little spot.

it never gets old, people.  a miracle, every time.

newborn snugs and soakin' up that fresh baby smell.

they kinda love her.

we got to go home early... i played the birthday card!
{oh, Olive was born the day before my birthday... and quite the precious little package she was}

backseat Five Guys date with my man while Granny kept the older two :)

i'm already wearing Olive more than i ever did her older sibs, and loving it!
this wrap in particular is a Solly Baby... beyond comfortable for momma and baby!

i've watched Ace and Bellamy's bond grow so much in just the 12 days that Olive has been with us.
i prayed for this and am so blessed to see it unfold.

we've become quite the homebodies lately, so momma's gettin creative over here!
this was at least an hour's worth of entertainment. score!

Granny {my mom} is coming to keep the girls while J and i take Asa to the Cabarrus County Fair!  i don't think i remember the last time he had us all to himself.
it'll be pretty special.
turkey legs and funnel cakes await!