Bellamy and bottles...

today, i decided... i'm okay with this.
it's been pretty hard {emotionally} to not be nursing every time, but it's pretty amazing how much happier she is after a bottle as opposed to the breast, sadly.
i've also quite liked taking advantage of the 'break' that a bottle gives me.
while Justin or {insert friend or family member here} feeds her, and after i pump, i try to take in a little extra time focusing on my boy.
so, it's not as bad as i anticipated.  i can do this.
i have a baby milestone app on my iPhone that i like to check {for funsies} whenever Bellamy accomplishes something new... 
i feel like mommas have milestones too... i always get so anxious whenever we switch something up... i.e. giving her a bottle for the first time.
next, we'll be moving her out of our room and into the crib.. and this weekend, we're leaving BOTH babies with Justin's mom to go out on Friday night. panic!
it seems silly, i know... i just need to take a couple deep breaths.
here's to a new day!

one last thing.... if you don't have plans this Friday night, i'll see you here!

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