the days are running together...

it's been such a challenge for me to find some LaLaLu time lately...
my little sis, Kathleen, is keeping my little guy busy for a few, so i've been afforded a small window of time before i get back to my day.
thanks, Aunt Kath!

this is my day in a diptic nutshell :
>>our packing list for the spontaneous trip we're takin' to the coast (leaving bright and early tomorrow a.m.)
>>the kids bag is ready... now for the hard part... me.
>>laundry, laundry, and more laundry.
>>took a little time for some updates in baby Belle's book... she was 1 whole month old yesterday!

since we didn't get to take our yearly beach vaca, due to our little beauty's arrival... we're taking it now!  headed to Garden City 'til Saturday and then it's off to Asheville for some family time with Mimi and Poppy (Justin's mom and stepdad)

This past weekend :

 on Friday night our dear friends, the Celettis and their precious boy, Colt, hung at our place and brought some delicious Cappriccio's pizza along with them.
after dinner we all walked up for icecream at the Creamery in downtown Concord.
it was pretty perfect.  we don't have many friends with kids... let alone boys that are close to Asa's age, so he was loving it!
I met Kristy through a mutual friend last September and she's been such a huge blessing in my life ever since.  i'm beyond thankful for that girl!

on Saturday morning we swung by a Chick-fil-a drive thru for breakfast and headed out to a yardsale in South Charlotte... i picked up a few cute things for my sister's new nest and some corduroy overalls for Asa.
after his morning nap, we ventured over to Huntersville to Discovery Place Kids.  it's only been open since October and i've been waiting 'til Ace was big enough to go and really enjoy himself.  
it gets my recommendation for sure!  they thought of everything! they've got fire trucks, race cars, submarines, boats, grocery stores, playhouses, water tables, play gyms... you name it! i'd say it's great for kids anywhere from 16 months-5 or 6 years old.
Asa's favorite, by far, was the water table... and the submarine.
{side note : not sure Saturday is the best day to go. we really did enjoy ourselves, but probably won't do it again... it was PACKED!}

on Sunday, my mom's parents came into town for lunch at Five Guys and to spend the afternoon.  it was Bellamy's first time meeting her Great Grandpa (Grandma came to visit in the hospital).
oh, and leave it to my Grandpa Sullivan to spoil Ace with some candy before lunch.  i let it slide for this special occasion ;)

i sure hope you guys enjoyed that sweet little gift of 80 degrees and breezy this past week... i'm not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, but just give me a few more weeks of this hot hot heat!

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