The Blackwelders 2012 edition...

it's a new year and we're excited about what the Lord has in store for our family!  
2012 left our hearts so full and thankful.
Justin has nurtured and grown his business.
Asa turned 2 in February and started preschool in September.
Bellamy turned 1 in June and started walking in July.
our second baby girl, Olive Marie, arrived in September and gets sweeter by the day.
as for me, i'm learning and growing and allowing the Lord to stretch me as a mom of 3 littles.  i can say i found joy in each day of 2012, and am expectant for SO much more in 2013. 

we asked our dear friend, Mindy Coleman, over at Colemans in Love to 
take our family photos in November and i've yet to share them!  
so, here are some of my faves...

(among the obstacles to overcome in this photoshoot were :
freezing temperatures, piercing winds, crying/whining babies, and wooden stacked heel boots...  thank you, Mindy, for overcoming these odds!)

hope your year's gotten off to a fabulous start!



  1. Love them all!! Love you and your lil fam!! Love B

  2. thanks Lady! i'm sure you know how challenging a photoshoot with 3 littles is! but we had fun :) hope you're well... and hope to see you again soon!