Remember When Monday...

so, last week i shared one of my faves and this week 'tis the mr.'s turn.  
Justin doesn't have a particularly sharp memory... when asked how old he was when something happened or what grade he was in or who his 4th grade teacher was... forget about it.  don't expect him to remember your name until he's met you at least 5 times.  and dates... alsmost never!  but there are those few moments that really stick out... ones that he holds a vivid picture of in his mind and smiles every time he thinks on it.
today, he talked about a time that his mom took him and his brothers to a balloon festival.  he remembers watching the flames push the balloons to the sky. he remembers everyone picking their favorites.  he remembers throwing frisbees back and forth with his older and younger brother.  he remembers bouncing in the AWESOME bounce house they had on site!  he remembers feeling happy... really happy.  and that makes me happy... really happy.

although he doesn't look particularly siked out of his mind in this photo... it's all i got.  and it's durn cute.
(side note : Asa is such the stinking image of his father... which is ALLright with me!)

i'm so excited at the prospect of making this same memory with our children.

saw this beauty at the Metrolina... totally shoulda nabbed it!

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