pretty days in review...

hello again!  these past few days have been just beautiful, haven't they?!
here's what we've been up to...

Asa and his dad got haircuts together by our close friend and wonderful stylist, Sabrina.
we had a couple surprise visits...
one from my sweet friend, Jennifer, who just happens to have the same due date as me and we're both having girls! so fun!
and then my sis-in-law stopped by to drop off the cutest denim cut-off shorts for Ace and have a little chat time.
the end of the day included a sitter for the baby boy and Justin and me heading out for a night on the town... Amelie's and Battle of the Bands!  We were out to support our good friend's band, Fire!Fire!  

enjoyed a cereal breakfast and some QT with my boys... we were savin' the fancy stuff (i.e. cinnamon rolls, bacon & eggs) for our Sunday morning!
after laying little man down for his am nap, got some cleaning done and settled in for a little r&r while the hubs worked on baby Belle's nursery... it's coming along just beautifully, by the way.
one of my dearest friends from college, Sarah, was set to arrive by the time Asa was waking.
so excited!
she was right on time!
we all ate lunch together and she and i headed out for some girl time while Justin kept the babe.
feelin' adventurous, we finished the evening off with bright blue and hot pink pedis!
aaahh... just what the doctor ordered... for miss prego over here, especially!
oh, and i can't forget the (almost) best part... we got to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (for the first time) on demand that night... so good!  what's taken us so long?!
being normal.
Ace and 'Aunt' Sarah watching some Little Bear

the Sabbath.  after hearing an awesome message (Pastor D spoke on freedom in Jesus and moving FORWARD in your daily walk), we went to lunch at Foster's Grille with Justin's family and came hope to rest it up for the afternoon.
then a beautiful walk and some spaghetti and fruit salad for din din... sounds about right!

Sarah's last day :(
we played outside, made a Target run, and headed to my parents house for dinner on the deck... scrumdidliumptious.

that morning, Sarah played with Ace and afforded me the grand luxury of a long shower (complete with shaving!).
then, we had breakfast together, played with little man, and said our goodbyes with a few pics before Asa's am nap.
btw, he slept for a whopping 2 hours and 40 mins!!! i could hardly believe it... and, he woke up in the most wonderful mood... i would have too!
his daddy came home for a quick lunch and then we were headed off to spend the afternoon with my beautiful friend, Kristy, and her precious boy, Colt.
then home for the afternoon nap and homemade pizza for dinner.
we also gave Asa his Easter Basket last night.
without realizing, i scheduled our trip to NYC over Easter weekend!
at first i was devastated, but since the hotel and airfare are non-refundable, we're gonna make the best of it!
Asa will be in good company with Granny and Grandpa for the day... and no doubt he'll eat VERY well for his Easter dinner.
i figure, if i have to miss that time with my boy, i'd much rather it be while he's young, doesn't understand what it's about, and probably won't realize i'm gone.

the basket came complete with toy cars/trucks, twistable crayons (so he can't eat them), his first utensils, new pj's, and a Curious George dvd... he loved it!

and now, it's off to frantically continue preparing for our trip... we leave in the early morning.
i'm nervous and excited.
Big Apple, here we come!

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