there've been brighter days...

while the weather today is stinkin' beautiful(!), a few dampers have been thrown my way.
i try not to be much of a complainer, really i do.
but, anyway, here goes...
it all started last night, with contractions. slightly painful ones. yes.
i had braxton hicks with Asa, but it just involved the tightening of my belly and no real discomfort.  i wasn't too worried, since i could still feel baby girl movin' and shakin' and i was fairly positive this wasn't IT!  just knew i needed some extra fluids and rest.
it didn't make matters any better that Asa went nigh-nigh with a low-grade fever and was a pitiful little guy.
i firmly believe in the whole 'tomorrow's a new day' pov and was ready and willing to embrace it after a good night's rest :)
now, if i could only have convinced my baby boy of the same. hmph.
it's been the same ole story with him the past couple weeks... the teething demon.  he's just got a little 'tude goin on almost every day, with a few heavenly days sprinkled in b/w.
aside from this, here's a small list of other things that i've let dampen my day...

1} Lady (our siamese) picked our new sofa... again
2} an old man that's been doin a bit of work in our home peed on the seat... gross!
3} Asa ate a whole buncha NOTHIN' for lunch (he refused) while i enjoyed a delicious BLT and apple slices with peanut butter (that part wasn't so bad)
4} i desperately wanted a Blow Pop after lunch, but knew if i had one, he'd want one too. so, i had to refrain.  (we're not quite ready to introduce the whole candy thing to him just yet... his momma's got enough of a sweet tooth for this whole family!)
5} still having slight contractions
6} my dog won't stop shedding his winter coat
7} the one fashion mag i've treated myself to in MONTHS has already been partially ripped up by my precious boy
8} my new maternity skinnies won't stop riding down.. for the love!

(this all seems a bit trivial, really... but, STILL!)

a small list of things that have/will brighten my day...

1} Asa gave me a big wet smacker in the midst of all his whining
2} being out in Creation
3} that BLT i told you about
4} the Blow Pop i'm about to enjoy since laying the boy down for a nap
5} Justin will be home in time for dinner
6} Justin will be home in time for dinner
7} i have new maternity skinnies 
8} i found this shop on Etsy

this would go on the list of good things :)

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