Mamma Mia...

this might come as news to most, but i hold a very special place in my heart for the 70's Swedish pop group, ABBA (i have my parents to thank for this).  now you know.  Mamma Mia is one of my favorite musicals (the movie ain't too shabby either).  Ace and i listen to the soundtrack when daddy's not riding with us.  it's simply impossible to sit still and not sing along for these tunes! this being said, my children are unfortunately in for a lot of embarrassing mama moments.  not yet though...

today, as my little prince and i strolled up and down the aisles of a local antique warehouse, i was happy to have the lyrics to ABBA's "super trouper" repeating in my head (one of their best).  Asa started to get a bit fussy and singing seemed to be the only solution.  very soon after, he was puttin' his own little spin on the song... 
i like to think we might just have a little musical prodigy on our hands... who knows?!  his favorite is singing along during Sunday mornin' worship, he stands up to tickle the ivories every time he passes our piano, and he can tap the drums and clap on beat.  proud mama bear!  

so, in that moment of shameless public song with my sweet boy, i thought... i hope my kids will never be embarrassed of me or their dad.  i hope we can always be as goofy as we wish and they'll join right in.  i hope those moments will shape up to be some of their favorite memories.  so, here's to hopin'!

and here's Asa sangin'

and, this table runner is the result of our little antique run 


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