i guess you could say...

i'm nesting?
this concept didn't even seem real to me before i was ever pregnant.  i actually thought it sounded completely ridiculous... aren't laundry, cleaning, organizing, decorating, etc. on the list of normal every day activities??
but, no, this is different... it's like a chemical thing... and it happens.
i didn't think i had quite reached this stage until a girlfriend called me out recently.  she's right.  i've had the sudden urge (over the past week or so) to change everything in my house!  (this could be do to the mindless browsing of pinterest for hours after Asa's nestled in bed)  now, obviously that's not happening, but on an unnecessary trip to Homegoods (a treasure trove for all things wonderful) yesterday, i picked up a few knick knacks for our digs... just to spice things up a bit.  
Justin came down for breakfast this morning and the coversation went something like this,

Justin: "oh, that's new.  when'd you do that?"

me: "yesterday"

5 min later

Justin: "oh. that's new too (a little more surprise in his voice). did you do that yesterday?"

me: "yup" (hoping he doesn't start to get annoyed when he notices yet a third and possibly a fourth)

5 min later

(i can tell my hopes are soon to be dashed)

Justin: "okay, seriously?! how many more surprises are there, and why the shopping spree???"

me: "i needed a change... something"

what i should have said was, "i'm nesting... don't you get it??... this sorta stuff just happens sometimes!"
he totally would have understood and then my redecoration of the whole house would soon have been underway.  in my dreams.

anyway, we plan on making some major headway in Bellamy's nursery this weekend so that should satisfy a bit of my craving, hopefully.

oh, and i'll be making a couple returns tomorrow... no argurment here... he's right. and, he's the one makin' all the dough - to pay for necessary things, like electricity and groceries and water.  i think i might like those a little better than a new cupcake stand or a funky picture frame.

in other news, 
i'm dying for one of these right now

in case you're wondering, that's guacamole... on a burger.  a taste of heaven.

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