i'm ashamed to admit that one of these shopping cart stragglers is mine (the one on the right). 
this is usually on my list of pet peeves.
but, today on a Sunday evenin' trip to Trader Joe's, it was all i could do to park it just a few feet away from my car.
falling to peer pressure... the other carts were screaming, "everyone else is doing it, come on!"
also, i blame it on the cold!  stop with the sunshiny teasers already... just give me spring!  
while i'm typing, the guilt is building up in me thinking that some innocent employee is going to have to go out in that same biting cold to gather all the carts of lazy customers. 
never again.  at least not on my account. 

on a brighter note, we've just arrived back at home after filling our bellies with delicious chicken tacos at my parents place.  Asa got to see his Uncles and one Aunt (you should see the way his face lights up for them... priceless).
now it's bathtime and beddy boops for little man... can't wait to get a few snuggles in.

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