Remember When Monday...

remember when you spent the night at grandma's house?
things that might bore you at home were suddenly so wonderful when you were there.
i have SO many vivid memories of  these magical sleepovers growing up, and this chair is present in many of them.
it was always such a treat to be in grandma's room.  i remember thinking it was like a different world... 
grandpa's binaca sat on the side table to the right of the chair, and if we were lucky, we'd get a minty 'binaca blast'!  so good!
this photo seems like a lifetime ago, but it's crazy how quickly these years have past.

i can't wait for my little ones to be making memories of their own just like this one.
i'm watching Asa crawl around me now, stopping to become enthralled by the simplest things... making the most hysterical faces and sweet little grunts... i want this time to creep by, but it won't... and that's why we have cameras, folks!  take pictures!  lots of them!

i myself hope to be purchasing this one
find it here

of course, purchases for mama bear are on hold 'til baby Belle's got everything she needs.  and that's alright with me.

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  1. I love your blog Carey. It makes me smile :)