Saturday Swagga...

on any other Saturday, my boys and i might have looked something like this

pretty decent

we might have gone to the park, out to lunch, run a couple errands...

but not today.  today was sweats, sweats, and more sweats!
which just so happens to be the best <3
the little stud and his mama goofed off, read books, and snuggled up with some vintage Disney toons while big papa slaved away on baby Belle's nursery.  
i'm so proud of my man... he can do EVERYTHING!
(i really don't think he's ever called a 'mr. fixit' or taken on a project that he didn't do most of on his own)

anyway, here's a couple blurry iPhone shots from the day

Asa's trying to get stickers off of his hands... right after this shot, he went into a mad clapping rage... he was probably wondering why i was laughing hysterically while he struggled so.  

i'll leave you with this as far as swagga is concerned

fabulously cute photo cuff bracelets...
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