all good things...

gosh, what a gorgeous day!  got to spend the first half of it with the mister at the Statesville car auction, then a scrumptious lunch at local hotspot, Toast..... nothing too glamorous, but sweet time spent nonetheless!  granny kept the babe... such a treat!  
the second half was spent running errands, straightening toys, playing with the dog, trying to cook something decent for dinner, and soothing my teething little monster--this is what he's turned into for parts of the past few days... one year molars... ouch! :(

as i type, Asa and his daddy are upstairs brushing teeth and puttin' on the jammies... i'm supposed to be preparing the half milk half soy, comforting, can't go to bed without it (cause mommy doesn't have the heart to make him just yet) bottle... no busting of the chops please.

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  1. Yay! A beautiful new blog to stalk, I mean follow!!! Love you Carey!

  2. ha! Aunt Rachel, i do the same thing... sometimes, i have to stop myself cause i could lose hours hopping from blog to blog :) give all the fam our love!