finding joy...

LaLaLu's been bumped back a few spots on my list of priorities lately.
the holidays are such a busy time... reminding myself each day to slow down and take it in.
i've really been focusing on giving the best of myself to my Father, my husband and my children in the midst of it all.
almost as soon as an idea for a new post pops into my head, it disappears.
theres just no room for it in this brain of mine for right now... the millions of other thoughts push it out every time.  

anyway, this short season has come with the good and the not-so-good, but there's JOY in it all! 

the not-so-good

:: Asa has run high grade fevers {103-104} twice in the past month.  the first time, on Thanksgiving was due to teething {those dern eye teeth}.  the second, while celebrating Christmas with J's fam in the mountains this past weekend, was brought on by the dreaded 5th disease {aka hand foot and mouth virus}.  poor lil' man was MISERABLE.

:: over the course of the past week Bellamy has gone from sleeping through the night {8pm-5am} to waking almost every hour... leaving momma practically delirious by morning.  oh, and then she naps like a dream through the day.

:: we sold my Acura to save for a Toyota Sienna.  this is a good thing, but the vehicle i'm using in the meantime hasn't exactly been a dream... which just means i've gotta get extra creative in the toddler fun department while we're left at home for 3 day stretches and the car's in the shop.

:: there's construction at my house.  a new master bath.  a good thing, right??  except it means i've forfeited any privacy between the hours of 9-5 any day of the week, until it's complete.

:: i've allowed myself to get significantly overwhelmed lately.
you might not have noticed, unless you're my husband or my mom.
i hide it well.  and it's hard for me to admit, but there it is.

the good

:: "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" and "Carol of the Bells"
 just two of my favorite songs of the season.

:: Bellamy had her 6month well-check today and she's perfect.
{the doc credited her wakefulness to either a change in routine due to holiday travels or teething and said it's most definitely temporary}

:: Asa's obsessed with school buses.  every afternoon we make our way outside and wait for them to pass.  there are 4 that go by every day.  he points, wide-eyed "oooh, a bus! momma, a bus!"  there will be a miniature school bus in his stocking.  i'm pretty excited about it.

:: Justin smoked possibly the best Boston butt i've ever tasted for our mountain family Christmas celebration last weekend.  he makes me proud!

:: sweet tea.

:: Justin's business is BLESSED!  i'm in love with the strongest, most ambitious, hard-working and generous man i've ever met.  our children are learning from the best!  SO thankful for him!

:: i get to see the relationship between Asa and Bellamy unfold into something more beautiful every day.  she stares at him in wonderment while he dances and sings, she holds his face in her hands when he leans in for a smooch, she doesn't cry when he takes her Sophie,  she does cry when he cries {not the most fun}.
my heart is full.

:: and last, but FIRST...  unto us a Saviour was born!  i can hardly wait until our children can begin to understand what that means.  
in reality, are my bad days even bad??  not when i have a Heavenly Father that will meet me right where i'm at... when i'm sleep deprived. when i'm worrying about a sick toddler.  when i'm stressing over what to cook for dinner or when i'm gonna get the chance to vacuum the dog hairs off the sofa... and crying about it.
we have food.  we have shelter.  we have health.
my heart breaks for those who don't.  praying they'll find the love of the Father and that we can do even a fraction of what He can do for them this holiday season.

i know i did a little complaining and i think there's room for that sometimes.
please know though, i'm truly thankful.
after all, it's Thursday.

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