puddin' 'n pie...

while Justin's upstairs giving the wee one his bedtime bath, i'm down here daydreaming.
who's Bellamy Reese?
my God is so amazing!... that he put this tiny little life inside of me.
he's got all the answers and i'm left with the guessing (which i like sometimes)...
how much will she weigh?
will she have hair like Asa did?
will she look more like mama than daddy?... (it's only fair.  Asa's his father's son ALL THE WAY)
will she have a dairy allergy?
will she spit up? 
will she sleep on her back? (Asa wouldn't)
and what will her personality be like?
maybe a bit more laid back, or just as much a wild spitfire as her big brother... i'd take either very happily!

my thoughts are interrupted by tiny doses of anxiety.
we have an ultrasound appointment tomorrow to determine whether or not i'll need a C-section.  i'm not too worried. 
12 weeks ago, they found that i had placenta previa.
this means that my placenta was blocking my cervix.
there's a very good chance it has moved... considering mine and baby's significant growth over the past weeks.
anyhow, i wouldn't be allowed to go into labor with this condition as there's risk for bleeding.
so, they'd have to schedule an early C. 
there are lots of reasons why this wouldn't be ideal.
anyway, i always seem to be holding my breath for ultrasounds... waiting for the tech to tell me "it's all good!"
so, i'm just praying and asking  you to do the same.
and, although the circumstances aren't the greatest... i'm still pretty stoked that i get to see my little girl tomorrow!

okay, off to put the monkey bed.
i love that boy. so much.

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