i should be embarrassed...

two issues that need be addressed before the new babe's arrival...

1} my closet.

there are two reasons why this is a problem.
i have a ridiculously small space to work with and i have trouble getting rid of things.
this is how i justify that overflowing and embarrassing corner of our bedroom.
you see, my mom didn't keep any of her clothes from the 70's or 80's.
she says she wasn't stylish, but she's too beautiful not to be and fashions always have a way of coming back around (with the exception of t-shirt rings and Ed Hardy).
for this reason, i like to think that if i hold on to things, one day my daughter(s) will rummage through my closet to find an outfit they'll love just as much as i did.
all that being said, something's just gotta be done.
it's such an eye sore, it takes up too much space, and there will soon be a baby and a basinet added to the mix.
any suggestions?? 

the second issue
i need a laundry nook
this is what it looks like now
clean laundry sits in baskets folded or un on the floor and the banister has become the drying rack.  hmph.

i'd love to have a corner or space upstairs that looks something like this

does anyone else have this problem that may have come up with a simple (semi cheap) solution??

both of these have been hanging over my head for a while now... it's been easy to put them off.  but, now that four of us will be sharing the upstairs... i need more order... for my sanity's sake. 


  1. is there any space beside your washer and dryer in what looks like the closet its in? if there is:

    -you could put in shelves big enough to put the laundry baskets. (something like this: http://amzn.to/iZ7GH7) benefit of wire shelving is you can hang air dry only clothes on hangers and hang them from the bottom shelf.

    -or you could get hampers for each room. when its time to wash the clothes you drag them out, empty, wash clothes then fold and return to hampers. then put hampers immediate back in rooms. then you're motivated to put the clothes up in the drawers and closet because you need to put dirty laundry back in there. (this is what i do.) (http://amzn.to/j9jnUs)

    -as for a drying things, you could get a drying rack (http://amzn.to/jkgXNN), or they make wire contraptions that you could put on the inside of the closet door... folds out when you need to hang something on it to dry and folds flat when you don't. (something like this: http://amzn.to/mIyIcQ)

    and about the clothes - i'd just go through them and if you haven't worn it in a while, but you still wanna save it, just put the extra clothes in a big plastic tub (that you can get at walmart or target), label it and shove it in your attic or garage. but be picky - i hate that my mom didn't save ANYTHING, but saving EVERYTHING isn't very space savvy either. ;) pick out a few awesome pieces and give the rest to goodwill.

  2. i agree. just save the really great stuff. although i know you have a lot of great stuff. just make sure you put duct tape around the lid of the tub. you don't want mice getting in there. and they can squeeze through. don't ask me how i know this. i usually try to get rid of stuff before i get super emotionally attached to it. if i haven't worn it in a while or i didn't like how it fit or i can't make a complete outfit with a single piece.

    as far as laundry, i try to keep the 'why leave something till tomorrow that you can do today' motivator in mind. although that's hard with little ones. maybe trying throwing the clean on the bed. then you have to deal with it before bedtime. by then justin can help if you are spent. i also like having a hamper that has a darks and lights sectioned off. less sorting when it comes time to throw it in the wash.
    i'm sure you have been there, but check out ikea's laundry section. they have some really great solutions.
    good luck!

  3. i really liked this idea for a drying rack: http://pinterest.com/pin/17938321/
    daniel has a similar one set up for me in our laundry room because he hates any of his shirts being dried & shrinking up & thats been really helpful! I'm with Charlotte on the laundry hampers in each room - at least for our room its been super awesome to have one. we just got a pretty wooden basket a few weeks ago & thats actually helped keep our laundry room a bit tidier & our room, too!
    & as far as closet organising - i am completely hopeless about getting rid of things. i think a buddy system works great! i helped one of my friends go thru her closet when she was pregnant & she got rid of a ton - & my mom or daniel have to help me go thru all of my things & talk me into getting rid of stuff i don't really wear - or just dont like & think maybe someday i will again. not sure if thats helpful at all - good luck!

  4. thanks so much for the feedback! the washer and dryer are in a closet and that's all there's room for. we do actually have laundry baskets in each room and that does help.... things are just more of a challenge to contain with kids ;) i like the idea of putting the clothing on the bed so i HAVE to do it! and i'll definitely be investing in a wall mounted drying rack. we have a corner across the hall that seems like it might be enough space for me to set up a 'laundry station'.... where i can fold, hang, and what not.
    and, Mindy, buddy system is a great idea. it's much easier to get rid of things when someone's holding you accountable and you're not alone to convince yourself of keeping EVERYTHING!
    thanks ladies!