feeling preggers...

I'm skipping out on my usual Wishful Wednesday post to clue you in...

with both of my healthy pregnancies, i've counted myself very lucky because i didn't experience half the negative symptoms that a lot of women do (i.e. morning sickness and vomiting, major fatigue, boobs growing to giant sizes overnight, stretch marks, etc.)
mine have been on the more mild side -- i always get a cold right around the time i find out i'm expecting, i've had food aversions, a small bout with headaches, heartburn, and gum sensitivity.
with Asa, i felt great (for the most part) 'til the day i delivered!  never really felt 'pregnant'.
but, right now, at 30 1/2 weeks with this sweet baby girl, i'm SO feelin' it!
it probably has something to do with toting my boy around a lot of the time, but might also be for a few of these reasons :
1} Bellamy has decided to use my bladder as a trampoline.  this makes coughing, sneezing, laughing, and pretty much any other activity impossible without me having the urge to pee in my pants on a regular basis.
2} the dreaming has seriously gotten out of hand!  call it hormones, but they are WEIRD and keep me up half the night.
3} comfort in general is hard to come by at all lately... esp when it comes to nighttime sleep.
4} heartburn up to my throat.
5} also, i had a few (normal) bodily complications toward the end of my pregnancy with Asa that started effecting me already weeks ago with this one... causing pain.  

now that i've exhausted every complaint in the book, let me just say... feeling pregnant is a good thing.  all that really matters is that there's this healthy, growing, miracle of a baby girl inside me and i get to meet her in just a few short weeks!  so thankful!

now, i'm calling the doc to see if there's anything mild i might be permitted to take that could help me sleep a little better.  

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