A Bite of the Big Apple...

whew! this week was quite the whirlwind, so i'm JUST getting around to my New York post.
there's just so much to tell :)

to prep, i made sure i covered ALL the bases and then some as far as leaving our boy was concerned.  i might have been a little too thorough... leaving post-its all over the house with little reminders, picking out each days outfits and pajamas, and calling a ridiculous number of times each day we were gone.  but, Justin says he's proud... that i did pretty good for my first time leaving him.  i knew he was in some of the best hands with our dear friends Wendy and Daniel!  they needed the practice, considering they'll probably be having kids of their own VERY soon (hint hint, Wendy).

we were out the door soon after Ace awoke... our flight took off at 9:55 am.

by noon, we were in a taxi heading to our hotel, Ink 48.
our room number just so happened to be our zip code, 704.  hmm, this little getaway was definitely meant to be ;)


we headed out to scarf down some lunch at the infamous Carnegie Deli, pit-stopped at St. Patrick's Cathedral, and then 
hit some of the mainstream shops (i.e. H&M and Zara) to get some cute duds for the kiddies... how fun is it to shop for  your kids?!  more fun than shopping for myself, i think.
oh, and CELEBRITY SIGHTING!... in the midst of all this we passed the Wendy Williams Show and happened to catch a glimpse of Audrina Patridge heading in with her entourage!  i just stared and blindly fiddled with the buttons on my iPhone... no picture :(

open-faced corned beef reuben and a slice of cheesecake with fresh strawberries. uh, YUM!

after walking out the rest of our day, we ended up in Union Square for a late dinner at Steak Frites... some of the BEST burgers and creamed spinach we've ever had (weird combo, i know).

our room had a sweet surprise waiting for us when we got back!

started things off with breakfast in bed.  such a good thing.
we took our time getting ready and soaked up the morning.
by noon, we were off to Little Italy to meet my beautiful friend, Katy at one of our fave pizza joints, Sal's... at the intersection of Broome & Mott near Soho.
this place is t-tiny and this time there was a line out the door, so by the time we were chewing our last bites, they were practically kicking us out.  this is the case in lots of the city's smaller and more popular restaurants.  it's worth it.
we stopped at a couple vintage boutiques on Broome, making our way to Broadway.
i don't enjoy Soho as much as i used to on my first couple trips to NY.
anymore, you can't even move, there's SO many people.  
Topshop and All Saints were on our list of stops, but then we were gone.
heading to the East Village for more vintage fun.

we had an 8:45 reservation for Peter Luger's that evening... that i made in February.
this restaurant is legendary because they get FIRST pick of the meat at the markets, over ALL the other steakhouses in the city.  Brooklyn's Finest!  
we got all gussied up and savored every minute of it... our server thought Justin was Patrick Dempsey.  we totally should have played that game, but being the goofs we are, would probably have ruined it within the first couple minutes.
once again, the meal did not disappoint and we walked away two hours later full and happy as ever!

Justin brought Starbucks coffee and munchies back to the room for breakfast and then we set out to do some damage at a giant Chelsea flea market (this was one of my favorite parts of the trip)... i'll be sure to share pics of some of our fabulous finds in a later post.
we took a short break in the middle for a delicious lunch at a quaint little deli across the street.
afterwards we headed to Central Park for some chillaxation before meeting Katy and Lee at the Met.

after exploring a few of their fantastic exhibitions (you can't begin to touch The Met in just one visit), we sat down to an Italian dinner at Patsy's Pizzeria on 60th... but not before putting our names in for the 2 hour wait at Serendipity 3.
another night, full to the brim and oh so happy!


yummy pastries from nearby bakery for breakfast.
headed to Irving Plaza (near Union Square) for the Easter service at the Hillsong Church in NYC... so good!
the house was packed, which left us standing in the very back.  but, not all hope was lost... i'm guessing because i'm pregnant, a girl approached us and took my hand leading us up to the second row where two of the volunteers had given up there seats for us!  God's love was abounding in that place... so amazing... we soaked up His presence through the worship and the wonderful message delivered by Christine Caine.
Christine heads up the A21 campaign to stop human trafficking all across the world... read about it here.

after church, we made our way into Union Square to pick up some art and knick knacks from a few of the street vendors and grab our last meal at the Heartland Brewery before heading home.

sad to say goodbye...

but CAN'T wait to see our precious boy!

just a shot on 47th street heading back to the hotel for the last time.

considering we're adding another baby to the bunch very soon and alone time will be even more scarce than it already is, this trip was such a good thing for us.
we held hands the whole time, stayed up late, slept in, took baths, munched on deliciousness for every meal, and walked it all off!
thanks to my sweet honey for making this anniversary/babymoon weekend getaway happen and encouraging me through my Asa withdrawals.

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