husband and wife are the ultimate duo to begin with, but
the ante is upped when kids are thrown in the mix!
i just love it when my hubby and i can work together in perfect harmony to take care of our boy.  this happens most when Asa's bedtime rolls around.
it normally looks something like this...
Justin takes him upstairs for a bath while i get the bottle ready and then head on up to bring in a diaper and jammies.  once he's squeaky clean, we're off to his bedroom... i rock him with his bottle while Justin reads from the bible.  we pray together and each give him a squeeze before daddy leaves. i give him an extra squeeze, lay him down, sing to him and say "nigh nigh" while he waves bye-bye to me.
we'll probably be weaning him off of the bottle pretty soon, which kills me. 
but for now, bedtime's just perfect.
it's such a sweet time to share with our boy each night and i feel so blessed that our family is what it is.
there's gonna have to be a whole lot more teamwork where this came from when baby Belle gets here..... eeek!  i'm nervous, but OH SO excited to meet her!

here's a sweet clip of some lil' monkey chatters... just have to share!

scratch that. bummer... i can't figure out how to upload it on here :/

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