what's in a weekend...

gosh the weekends have been FLYING by lately!
they've been packed with goodness, of course, but considering it's the only time we have as a family... sometimes i wish we could play them in slow motion and take our time getting to Monday.

this particular weekend included:

}makin' more headway on baby Belle's nursery
}a play : The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy was played by our pastor's daughter, Caroline. she was just wonderful... i'd say the best on stage ;)
}anniversary dinner date to Kabuto's (yum.)
}relaxing Saturday morning
}afternoon walk up to downtown Concord for the Spring into the Arts Festival
}dinner at Toast in Davidson with my handsome boys
}movie date on the sofa with the Mr.
}family time with the out-of-towners before the shower
}showering Bellamy with sweet blessings 
}dinner at the 'rents
}home to show some more love to the nursery (i was up 'til midnight)

there was even a little in between, but you get the idea... so great, but so busy!

here are a few snip-its 

a.m. cuddles

off to see the Wizard!

Toast Davidson

he says 'rock rock' cause we have one at home that he loves... too cute! 

the best hostesses!... my mom and sister :)  they seriously did such a beautiful job!


Mamaw Donna

Mimi (Justin's mama)

a few of my favorite Branch girls

my dear friend, Casey... due to have a girl in September (keeping my fingers crossed for my birthday!)

sisters in law

hubs snuck in at the end ;)

and there you have it, folks... hope your weekend was just as fantastic!
here's to a wonderful week!  nighty night...

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