simple food...

let me start by saying...
my little brother's a college grad!  i'm so proud!

not sure what's next for him, but it'll be good!

okay so, let's get down to business...
i think other mommas might agree that simplicity (without sacrificing taste) is key when it comes to dinner time.  when 5 o'clock rolls around, there's a little one hungry at your feet and the hubs is due to walk in any minute... it's nice to be able to whip it up quick and delicious.  
doesn't everyone have their go to dishes for when 'one of those' nights comes along??
i thought i'd share a couple of our semi-homemade, easy peasy, kiddo friendly dindins... in hopes that i might hear a few back from you in return. 
these might be old news to some, but here goes...

1} baked chicken, string beans and rice
preheat oven to 350
grab a pack of chicken thighs with skin
cut away the fat (if you wish)
sprinkle them with seasoned salt and cracked pepper
bake for 1 hour
(for crispier skin and juicier chicken, set oven to 300 and cook for 1.5 hours... if you have the time)
we buy the frozen string beans from Trader Joe's, throw 'em on a baking sheet, drizzle some olive oil and salt, and bake at 350 til they're done
Rice a Roni (don't hate)
it's crazy how simple and yummy this meal is!

2} tomato basil mozzarella pizza
we get the ready made pizza dough (either from Trader Joe's or the Pillsbury thin crust)
obviously, follow their baking instructions.
also, a fresh ball of mozzarella.
spread a thin layer of basil pesto as the sauce
cover evenly with sliced tomatoes, mozzarella and freshly chopped basil
it turns out heavenly and takes a mere 20 minutes!

3} grilled cheese and tomato soup
the key to this is TRADER JOE'S!
we get their Tuscan Bread, Havarti Cheese, and Organic Creamy Tomato Soup
something tells me, you can take it from here ;)
5 minutes!

the only thing special about ours is that we mix ground italian sausage with the beef and i add a chopped tomato to the sauce... for extra freshness.
top it with some fresh grated parmesan... yum.

5} last but never least...
in case you're unfamiliar with this lingo -- that would be breakfast for dinner.
it's a major favorite around here!
we like everything from bacon egg and cheese biscuits to
french toast or pancakes with sausage
that Trader Joe's Tuscan bread i mentioned earlier is great for the french toast and we're hooked on Neese's Hot Sausage.
also, a little secret... brown the butter in the egg pan before pouring them in.  you won't be sorry.

hope i haven't bored you... maybe i've even taken a load off by providing you with next week's dinner menu... hope so!

happy weekend!


  1. we've recently been loving a lot of those things, too. i'm appreciating quick dinners more & more :)

  2. Thanks for posting this! All great ideas that we do alot! Also I like BBQ chicken and homemade fries. Buy the split chicken breasts (chicken on the bone). Pour a can of BBQ sauce on, chop up some green peppers or onions if you want, bake for an hour or so. I have been making homemade potatoes in some form like twice a week. You chop up red, russet, or idaho potatoes into little cubes, roll around in some EVOO, salt, pepper and bake at 400 for 40 min or so. They are seriously delicious. Also sloppy joes? Don't hate. Rice crispy chicken - boneless skinless breasts or tenders, melt some butter, pour in some honey, sprinkle crushed rice crispies on top. I serve with rice. It is seriously good! Also fried rice. Boil in the bag rice, stir fry some chopped chicken breast in oil, add the rice, add a bag of frozen veggies and soy sauce, voila! Also steak and fries salad! Lettuce, grilled steak, bag of frozen fries, add vegetables on top of the salad, serve with ranch! We also had baked potato bar a lot. With all the toppings, add some grilled chicken and it's a meal.
    Wow, I had a lot of ideas! Hope you get some more!

  3. Mindy... if you appreciate them now, just wait 'til that little bambino comes around ;)
    THANKS, JESS! such great ideas :) can't wait to try some!